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Jeff Cherry & Kass Hogan
Kass Hogan and Jeff Cherry

In the antiques business, as in any profession, personal styles, inclinations, instinct and chance combine to shape a career path. 

Jeff has always had an ability to spot hidden treasures – from turning up clay pipes and medieval artifacts in English gardens as a child, to finding breeding birds' nests in northern forests during his early career as a field biologist. Although he grew up with antiques (his mother was a collector and author of a book on tennis antiques), he did not set out to become an antiques dealer until the fateful day that he spied a period Chippendale chair at the local transfer station which he put in the back of his pickup truck and promptly sold for $240. While maintaining his day job as a woodworker producing fine architectural detail, he moonlighted to experience many aspects of the antiques business - being a runner at auctions, a logistical assistant setting up for other dealers at high-end shows, a restorer and base maker - while also beginning to buy and sell a range of traditional to quirky old objects. Purchasing his first 19th century Native American canoe paddle in 1986 began not only a passionate collecting interest linked to his experience guiding wilderness canoe trips, but also a niche within the world of antiques focusing on historical objects and designs that originate from a connection between people and their natural surroundings. Jeff's current reputation as a leader in the field of antique rustic furniture reflects his high standards and eye for material, business integrity, and commitment to ongoing learning about antiques and art in his areas of specialization.

(Quick résumé: Jeff has been a full-time antiques dealer since 1992. He has a B.A. in biology from Bowdoin College and an M.S. in animal behavior and ecology from the State University of New York at Albany.)

Kass began approaching antiques from a decorative perspective. Before joining the business, she accompanied Jeff to shows and started buying antiques to display as collections throughout their home – from wooden French hat molds to Victorian baby rattles to folky house paintings. Since then, she has become more seasoned in discerning antique integrity along with decorative appeal, yet can't help but ask "Would I want to live with this?" before making a purchase for inventory. Having spent summers living on a lake in Maine and working throughout college and beyond as an environmental educator in Canada and New England, Kass shares Jeff's attraction to the aesthetics of northern woods and waterways. Getting to know customers, along with their tastes and collecting interests, provides an enjoyable balance to her behind-the-scenes business and software management roles at the gallery.

(Quick résumé: Kass has a background and Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. She grew up in northern Maine and attended college and graduate school at Bowdoin College, College of the Atlantic, Antioch University, and the State University of New York at Albany. She worked at an ecological research institute for 16 years where as a member of the scientific staff she published numerous journal articles and several books in her field.)

Jeff and Kass opened a gallery on their former property in New York’s Hudson Valley in 2002, and launched their current gallery in Maine in 2008.

Professional Services

Appraisals. We are available for market value appraisals of antiques in our specialty areas.

Search and Find. We assist private clients in enhancing their collections or finding particular pieces for their homes, and we help interior designers find antiques to complete jobs.

Auction Representation. It is usually left up to the buyer at an auction to determine the age, authenticity, importance, and fair market value of the antiques in a sale. We can guide clients through this process by providing examinations, advice, and bidding services at auctions.

Acquisition Interests

We are always interested in purchasing high quality antique rustic furniture and accessories, Native American items, and folk art. We purchase individual items and entire collections. We also occasionally accept high-quality antiques on a consignment basis. Please call or send photos to let us know what you would like to sell.

Professional Memberships

We are members of and subscribe to the ethical business standards of the following organizations:

Maine Antiques Dealers Association
New Hampshire Antique Dealers Association