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A glimpse of our current inventory on any given day does not fully portray the range of material we handle over the course of months and years.  These Archives present antiques we’ve sold to homeowners, collectors, and designers across the country, providing a visual overview of the quality furnishings we find for our customers.

old hickory serving table
Old Hickory Serving Table
a. w. holdstock painting 
A. W. Holdstock Oil on Canvas
yellow birch rustic chair
Yellow Birch Rustic Chair
birch bark valise
Birch Bark Valise
old hickory table lamps
Old Hickory Table Lamps
ernest stowe mirror frame
Ernest Stowe Mirror Frame
john champney yellow birch beds
John Champney Yellow Birch Beds
old hickory settee 
Old Hickory 2-Seat Sofa
old hickory barrel arm chairs
Old Hickory Woven Arm Chairs
trout cane cup
Trout Canoe Cup
ernest stowe sideboard
Ernest Stowe Sideboard
deer hooked rug
Deer Hooked Rug
Pine Tree fire screen
Pine Tree Fire Screen
micmac quilled chair 
Mi'kmaq Porcupine Quill Chair
old hickory magazine holder
Old Hickory Magazine Holder
old hickory cupboard
Old Hickory Cupboard
lee fountain settee
Lee Fountain Settee
Snowy owl painting
Snowy Owl Painting
seth steward brook trout painting
Seth Steward Brook Trout Painting
 duck hunting hooked rug
Duck Hunting Hooked Rug
log cabin floor lamp
Log Cabin Floor Lamp
twig urn
Twig & Burl Urn
hickory arm chairs
Pair of Hickory Rocking Chairs
mosaic twig terrarium
Mosaic Twig Terrarium
twig arm chair
Twig Arm Chair
 bickford trout painting
Sid Bickford Trout Painting
birch bark pack basket
Birch Bark Pack Basket
beaver carving
Life-Size Beaver Carving
old hickory coffee table
Old Hickory Coffee Table
house andirons
House & Pine Tree Andirons
Indian box
Native American Box
 old hickory settee
Old Hickory 2-Seat Settee
game board
Painted Game Board
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