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November/December 2019 (cont'd)

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tin fish

Full-Bodied Fish Trade Sign
This tin fish is sculpturally 3-dimensional, with a rounded belly and dramatic sawtooth applied fins. It has warm coloration and an untouched surface (with some paint flakes and minor dents).
Provenance: From the Paul & Margaret Weld Americana Collection which sold at Skinner Auction on August 13, 2000. Receipt and auction review are available.
Circa 1900
26" w, 12" h

What's to love: This is a fine example of one-of-a-kind American figural folk art.


hickory table

Old Hickory Side Table
This small side table has a round oak top and a hickory pole base with four spoked base stretchers and four top stretchers. It is stamped on the underside of the top Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
24" diameter top, 18" high

What's to love: It is a super convenient size to move beside or in front of a chair as needed to hold a drink, book, or snack tray.


red creel

Ash Splint Creel
The flared body of this small handmade creel is woven of wide ash splints. It has a hinged wooden top, and leather and canvas carrying straps. The original maroonish red paint surface has excellent patination showing years of use. Maine origin.
Circa 1920
10" w, 7" d, 7" h

What's to love: Creels with an appealing old paint surface are a rarity.


table mat

Circles Table Runner
This long table runner features a hexagonal design created from carefully stitched, appliquéed wool felt disks offset in between with four pyramids of velvet discs. The center disk of each hexagon is also velvet, while the black felt tongues around the perimeter have alternating rose and lilac cotton edging. The back is gray and cream striped cotton ticking. There is a small water mark on one edge, but all of the fabrics' condition and color retention are fantastic.
Circa 1915
67.5" w, 15.5" h

What's to love: Despite being over 100 years old, the graphic dots design of this handmade textile is thoroughly modern.


cedar table

Cedar Stand
This is an attractive tall stand with a bark-on Atlantic Cedar pole base with an unusual foot design, and a three-board round maple top. It was likely made by Binghamton Chair Company for their "Barnegat Cedar and Maple Rustic Furniture" line.
Circa 1920
20" diameter top, 30" h

What's to love
: It is a nice size and shape to hold a lamp, a plant, or drinks while mingling.



cedar chairs

Rustic Cedar Arm Chair
This handsome large chair has a cedar pole frame and a hardwood slat back and seat. Its wide arm rests are supported by cedar spindles. The seat is curved to fit the sitter, and the back is angled with a slight lean for comfort.
Circa 1920
29" w, 27" d, 39" h

What's to love
: The unusual chamfered feet running between the front and back legs highlight the contrast between the cedar's reddish inner wood and its dark outer bark.


antler mounts

Collection of Antler Mounts
These Black Forest stag antlers vary in shape and size, as do their shield-shaped backboards. They are trophies of hunts for small European ungulates such as roe deer.
Circa 1950
(approximately) 5" w, 12" high

What's to love: They have natural variation, yet in multiples they form a striking, unified design.

Top row of three: $225
Second row of five: $375
Third row of three: $225
Fourth row of three: $225


wood duck painting

Wood Duck Painting
This watercolor portrait features a male Wood Duck standing on a tree branch overhanging a cattail marsh on the edge of a pond. This accurate rendition of a Wood Duck in colorful breeding plumage is signed by the artist V.P. Riordan in the lower right. It has a few areas of light foxing, and is housed in its original gilt-lined oak frame.
Circa 1890
18" w, 23.75" h

What's to love: A Wood Duck on a tree branch is not as incongruous as it might seem, because wood ducks traditionally nest in tree cavities.