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July 2019 (cont'd)

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moose painting

Moose Painting
This oil on board depicts a majestic bull moose standing in its favorite haunt of shallow, near-shore waters. It is indistinctly inscribed and dated 1922 on the backboards.
28” w, 22” h

What's to love
: The artist did a good job capturing the body shape and posture of a moose.


rustic signs

Rustic Resort Lane Signs
These two handmade wrought iron signs were lane markers for "BirchWood Dr." and PineWood Dr." We surmise that they were used on an internal road system at a rustic resort.
Circa 1920

Pinewood: 33" w, 21.25" h - $475
Birchwood: 36" w, 21.5" h - $475

What's to love: The iron work is top-notch.

rustic planter

Rustic Planter
The substrate of this planter is a small keg that retains an iron rim around the bottom. There are picket-shaped twig half-rounds applied all around the case, onto which decorative vines, two pine cone slices, and several branch segments are applied.
Circa 1920
10.5" diameter, 9" h

What's to love
: It would add a lovely rustic touch to a kitchen windowsill planted with your favorite culinary herb.


hickory bar stools

Hickory Bar Stools
These hickory pole bar stools have three layers of stretchers and the tops are rewoven with fiber splint, the same material that the company used originally. The frames have a rich reddish-brown hue, and all of the stools are sturdy. Made by Indiana Willow Products Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
17.5" w, 14" d, 30.5" h

What's to love
: They are a comfortable perch, with the middle rung perfectly positioned as a foot rest.


antler candle holders

Antler Candle Holders
Here are two design variations on the antler candle holder theme. The tallest pair has wooden holders and bases, while the single is made entirely of antler and also has an antler handle. The top of one of the tall candle holders is slightly loose and tilted, but a candle can be angled upright within it (see photo).
Circa 1900
Tall pair: 13.5" h - $325
Single: 7" h - $125

What's to love
: These add appealing straight-from-nature rustic character to any table top.

rustic hickory footstool

Old Hickory Hoop Arm Chair
This popular rustic chair design has a hickory pole frame with three wide side hoops and two layers of bottom stretchers. The seat and back have been newly rewoven with rattan cane. Made and stamped by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
27.5" w, 24" d, 35" h
Circa 1940

What's to love
: The size of hickory hoop arm chairs vary, but this one is comfortably wide and commodious.


house sign

House of Pine Sign
This long sign has crisp hand-painted lettering in black with white drop shadowing on a clear-finish pine board. Its origin (whether from a commercial or private establishment) is unknown to us, but since it is not weathered we assume that it hung indoors.
Circa 1950
96" w, 11.25" h

What's to love
: One can imagine "House of Pine" as the title of a novel chronicling the intrigues of the family that lived within it.


cedar table

Cedar Drink Stand
This is an attractive tall stand with a bark-on Atlantic Cedar pole base with an unusual foot design, and a three-board round maple top. It was likely made by Binghamton Chair Company for their "Barnegat Cedar and Maple Rustic Furniture" line.
Circa 1920
20" diameter top, 30" h

What's to love
: It is a nice size and shape to hold a lamp, a plant, or drinks while mingling.


old hickory arm chair
old hickory rocking chair

Old Hickory Paddle Arm Chair Set
This matching set includes an arm chair and a rocking chair, each with hickory pole frames, double rows of stretchers and flat arm rests. Made by (and one is stamped) Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
Arm chair: 29" w, 29" d, 35.5" h
Rocking chair: 29" w, 34" d, 34" h

What's to love
: They are wide and comfortable, yet don't have an enormous footprint.


wicker magazine holder

Stick Wicker Magazine Holder
This rectangular split reed/stick wicker magazine holder has black and yellow wrap accents. It has an old alligatored shellac surface and a custom-made metal insert pan that can lift out via ring handles.
Circa 1920
21" w, 13.5" d, 20.5" h

What's to love
: It is a good-looking, functional accessory that fits well with rustic décor.


ray harm widgeon


Ray Harm American Wigeon Painting
This gouache on illustration board portrays an American Wigeon descending towards marsh grasses. It was painted and signed by the artist Ray Harm (1926-2015) who proudly based his wildlife paintings on his own observations and sketches done in the field, rather than on photographs. He was a gifted artist who made his living selling limited edition prints of his work, so his originals rarely appear on the market. He occasionally did paintings on commission. Presumably this painting was commissioned by the heiress and Lusitania torpedo-attack survivor Virginia Bruce Loney Abbott (1899-1975), wife of publisher Paul Abbott, whose name and address are written on the back. There are several light surface scratches, and the painting is unframed and mounted to its original mat.
Circa 1965-70
Mat size: 19.25" w, 22.25" h

What's to love
: The Wigeon is impeccably rendered in colors that pop against a neutral yet habitat-evoking background.


painted canoe paddles

Paint Decorated Canoe Paddles
These matching full-size canoe paddles have painted forest green blades. The shape of the paddles is a classic Maine beaver tail design.
Circa 1920
6.5" w, 66" h

What's to love
: That someone jazzed up their personal paddles with a touch of paint, perhaps to match the color of their canoe.


twig frames

Early Twig Frames
These twig frames, made by the same hand, are variations on a theme. The borders of each frame comprise multiple twigs, and each is then decorated with twig accents. Rabbet molding would need to be added to the backs to mount pictures in them, or they can be displayed as rustic wall art or used as surrounds for something that is mounted directly on a wall.
Circa 1920
1: 13.75" w, 18" h
2: 16.5" w, 19" h
3: 13.25" w, 19.25" h

What's to love
: Their sculptural variations have a pleasing rhythm when viewed together.