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November-December 2018 (cont'd)

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trout tray

Trout Serving Tray

A taxidermy brook trout chasing a fly on a line is attached to an air-brushed aluminum base and framed by a mask-shaped piece of wood. The sides, edges, and handles of the tray are also aluminum. It is stamped by the maker on the bottom: E. W. Seiler, E. Sebago, Maine.
Circa 1950
20" w, 12" d, 1.5" h

What's to love: This can be displayed upright on a shelf or flat on a coffee table.


black forest jewelry box

Black Forest Jewelry Box
This handsome box is an exquisite example of meticulous Swiss mosaic twig work. Each twig is chamfered and tightly fit to create a log cabin effect on the front, sides and top. The roof panels open to a top compartment and the two doors open to six felt-lined drawers, all of which are ideal for storing jewelry. The box has filigree brass hinges and hasps with its original key, and the drawer pulls and back plates are also high-quality brass hardware.
Circa 1920
13.25" w, 8.75" d, 15" h

What's to love: It is an attractive architectural model that is also very functional.


bird carvings

Songbird Carvings
Three carved and painted birds - a Northern Parula warbler, a Northern Cardinal, and a White-breasted Nuthatch - are mounted on a piece of driftwood that naturally stands upright. The shapes, sizes, and plumage colors of the birds are fairly accurately represented. A paper label identifies the carver as Charles Lane of Bath, NH.
Circa 1950
26" w, 7" d, 8" h

What's to love: The Cardinal is poised on the edge of a basin in the middle of the driftwood, making the whole scene look as though the diverse bird species are gathering at a natural watering hole.


ruffed grouse painting

Ruffed Grouse Painting
A watercolor portrait of a male Ruffed Grouse by bird artist John W. Taylor. It shows the grouse atop a low log, one of its favorite perches for drumming to attract a female during its mating season.
Circa 1960
16" w, 14" h frame; 9.5" w, 7.75" h sight size

What's to love: The bird is accurately portrayed and the habitat is spot-on.


old hickory stool

Old Hickory Stool
This seat-height stool has two tiers of hickory pole stretchers and its original rattan cane top, It is in good, sturdy condition.
Circa 1940
18" w, 11" d, 17" h

What's to love: Its versatility as a sitting perch, footstool, or chairside stand.


braided rug

Braided Rug
This tightly braided rug highlights alternating bands of colorful braids with rows of black outlining. The beige, red, green, and plum rows feature two shades of each color, creating a lively graphic interplay.
Circa 1940
55" w, 34" h

What's to love: Being rectangular rather than round is an appealing design variation for a hand-braided rug.


bird carving

Large Songbird Carving
This Eurasian Jay is perched on a twig attached to a bracket mushroom whose top is incised with leaf designs. The soft buff-color body with black and pale blue accent feathers accurately capture its plumage, and the light blue glass eye is also species-appropriate. This is a larger than average example of this type of mounted bird carving so it works well on its own as a decorative wall accent.
Circa 1910
11" w, 8.5" d, 12" h

What's to love
: A new fact for the day: the distinctive black feathers that extend from the base of this bird's bill to the side of its neck is called a "malar stripe."


napkin rings

Set of Basketry Napkin Rings

Braided sweet grass strands are woven around stacked ash splint bands to form each of these Native American-made napkin rings. A wide, salmon-colored ash splint forms a central band and decorative bow. Penobscot.
Circa 1920
2" diameter, 2" h

What's to love: The application of traditional Native American basketry skills and materials to a less common creation.


old hickory footstool

Rustic Hickory Stool
This sturdy foot or perching stool has three layers of hickory pole stretchers. The top has been newly rewoven with fiber splint in a herringbone pattern. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, LaPorte, Indiana.
Circa 1920
18.75” w, 12.5” d, 17” high,

What's to love: This stool is tall enough to use as a chairside stand, either as-is for newspapers and books, or with a tray for drinks and snacks.


birch frame

Birch Branch Frame
Four small white birch branches are applied to a rectangular wood frame to create this simple rustic frame. There is glass over the opening and a cardboard backing that would need to be removed to replace the original photo for which the frame was probably made.
Circa 1920
6" w, 8.75" h (sight size = 4.5" w, 6.5 h)

What's to love: The branchlet stubs with darker bark at the nodes provide visual accents.