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January 2020 (cont'd)

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rustic planter

Rustic Planter
The case of this planter is a small keg that retains an iron rim around the bottom. There are picket-shaped twig half-rounds applied all around, onto which decorative vines, two pine cone slices, and several branch segments are applied.
Circa 1920
10.5" diameter, 9" h

What's to love
: A flowering plant housed in a planter made of natural elements is a cheerful way to anticipate spring.


moose painting

Moose Painting
This oil on board depicts a majestic bull moose standing in its favorite haunt of shallow, near-shore waters. It is indistinctly inscribed and dated 1922 on the backboards.
28” w, 22” h

What's to love
: The artist accurately captured the true body shape and posture of a moose.


rustic hickory rocking chair

Early Old Hickory Rocking Chair
This rocking chair has a hickory pole frame with double stretchers and spindled arm panels. It retains its original hickory bark weave on the seat and back which is in good, sturdy condition. Branded Old Hickory Chair Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1920
23" w, 31" d, 35" h

What's to love: This early design is a tried and true Old Hickory classic.


trout painting

Leaping Trout Painting
This oil on canvas depicts a brook trout hooked on a fly vigorously leaping from a pool. It is signed (lower right) by the artist Wm. E. Mellen. It is housed in a fabulous gilt frame with raised acorn and oak leaf decoration on a honeycomb ground.
Frame size: 19.75" w, 16" h; Sight size: 14.75" w, 11" h
Circa 1910

What's to love: The shoreline background is also well detailed.


old hickory magazine basket

Old Hickory Magazine Basket
This half-round basket has a hickory pole frame with a bent hoop handle and its original hickory bark and fiber rush weave, all in excellent condition. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
20" w, 16.5" d, 18.5" h

What's to love
: It is both good looking and useful -- for corralling magazines, newspapers, hats, mittens, guest towels, toys, kindling . . .


canoe paddles

Decorative Canoe Paddles
These three paddles range in shape and style, but each one has its own unique, decorative appeal. Each one is fully or partially painted, and one also retains its maker's label. Together they form a ready-made collection for displaying vertically or horizontally on a wall.

What's to love: How authentic, old canoe paddles evoke a history of adventure.

Green & salmon paddle, circa 1920, 60" h - $150

Gray narrow blade paddle, circa 1900, 60" h - SOLD

"Page Brand" green handle paddle, circa 1920, 54.5" h - $145

hickory table

Old Hickory Side Table
This small side table has a round oak top and a hickory pole base with four spoked base stretchers and four top stretchers. It is stamped on the underside of the top Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
24" diameter top, 18" high

What's to love: It is a super convenient size to move beside or in front of a chair as needed to hold a drink, book, or snack tray.


yellow birch floor lamp

Adirondack Yellow Birch Floor Lamp
This elegant rustic lamp is made from a luminous yellow birch sapling with intact roots that support the upright trunk/lamp shaft. It holds two bulbs in pull-chain sockets, and has a unique turned wood shade.
Circa 1920
52" w, 15" d, 60.25" h (20" diameter shade)

What's to love: Living with this lamp will feel like an animate forest denizen is keeping you company indoors.


birch bark frame

Birch Bark Frame
Penobscot Indians made frames from birch bark to sell to rusticators and local homeowners in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. This rectangular frame is in mint condition with all of its sweet grass edging intact. The top has a slot in the back for inserting a picture behind the glass.
Circa 1900
5" w, 7" h; 2" x 3.5" opening

What's to love: The appeal of aged birch bark surrounding just the right treasured image.


rustic stand

Unique Rustic Stand

This early rustic stand has an hour-glass shaped base with four upper branches meeting at a central node formed from a single round burl, and four lower branches creating the feet. The trim along the top apron and bottom legs is formed from half-round segments of elongated root burls. The whole stand has a dark, aged surface.
Circa 1890
12" square top, 16" square base, 29" h

What's to love: Using this as a plant stand would create an appealing nature-upon-nature vignette.


vintage skiing photos

Vintage Skiing Photos
A set of black-and-white photos capture images of people skiing in various settings, including in the Adirondacks of North Creek, NY and the White Mountains.
Circa 1930
9"-11" w, 9"-12" h

What's to love: It is fun to remember how people enjoyed the sport with simple equipment and wool garb before high-tech advances and high-style fashion ruled the slopes.


red creel

Ash Splint Creel
The flared body of this small handmade creel is woven of wide ash splints. It has a hinged wooden top, and leather and canvas carrying straps. The original maroonish red paint surface has excellent patination showing years of use. Maine origin.
Circa 1920
10" w, 7" d, 7" h

What's to love: Creels with an appealing old paint surface are a rarity.


rustic signs

Rustic Resort Signs
These two handmade wrought iron signs were lane markers for "Birch Wood Dr." and Pine Wood Dr." We surmise that they were used on an internal road system at a rustic resort.
Circa 1920

Pine Wood: 33" w, 21.25" h - $275
Birch Wood: 36" w, 21.5" h - $275

What's to love: The iron work is top-notch.

black forest jewelry box

Black Forest Log Cabin Box
This box is an exquisite example of meticulous Swiss mosaic twig work. Each twig is chamfered and tightly fit to create a log cabin effect on the front, sides and top. The roof panels open to a top compartment and the two doors open to six felt-lined drawers, ideal for storing jewelry.The box has filigree brass hinges and hasps with its original key, and the drawer pulls and back plates are also high-quality brass hardware.
Circa 1920
13.25" w, 8.75" d, 15" h

What's to love: It is an attractive architectural cabin model that is also very functional.


retriever walking stick

Carved Retriever Walking Staff
The top of this staff is a well-carved head of a hunting dog holding a pheasant. The dog has glass eyes. There is a band of bone where the head and the natural branch staff join. It is initialed by the carver "S.C.R."
Circa 1940
53.75" h

What's to love: The sweet, obedient demeanor of the dog.