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February 2020 (cont'd)

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rustic table

Rustic Center Table
This sturdy, well-constructed table has a bark-on cedar pole pedestal base and mosaic half-round branch rod trim around the octagonal top and cross-shaped feet. The smooth hardwood panels on the top center provide a flat surface for a lamp, and create a nice textural contrast with the cedar table components.
Circa 1920
24" diameter top, 28" h

What's to love
: It has a hefty yet compact appearance and is practical for everyday use as a component of rustic room decor.


moose lamp

Moose Table Lamp
This large, hand-carved table lamp features a bull moose standing in front of a tree trunk. The tree's canopy is a handmade wood slat shade. It is signed by André Dubé who was a member of a family of accomplished carvers from the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli region of Quebec which has been known for its tradition of folk carving since the early 1900s.
The lamp holds one light bulb, and has been newly rewired.
Circa 1950
19" diameter shade, 31" h

What's to love: It is a substantially sized lamp that has (nearly...) the same dramatic presence of a moose in the wild.



cedar chair

Rustic Arm Chair
This large chair has a cedar pole frame and a hardwood slat back and seat. Its wide arm rests are supported by cedar spindles. The seat is curved to fit the sitter, and the back is angled with a slight lean for comfort.
Circa 1920
29" w, 27" d, 39" h

What's to love
: The unusual chamfered feet running between the front and back legs highlight the contrast between the cedar's reddish inner wood and its dark outer bark.


Trout painting

Leaping Trout Painting
A lithe and colorful brook trout leaps after a fly on the water surface in this zoom-focused aquatic scene. It is an unsigned oil on board housed in a gold painted frame.
Circa 1950
16" w, 26" h

What's to love: The aqua-blue water behind the salmon-pink trout edging creates stunning visual energy.


moose painting

Moose Painting
This oil on board depicts a majestic bull moose standing in its favorite haunt of shallow, near-shore waters. It is indistinctly inscribed and dated 1922 on the backboards.
28” w, 22” h

What's to love
: The artist accurately captured the true body shape and posture of a moose.


rustic hickory rocking chair

Early Old Hickory Rocking Chair
This rocking chair has a hickory pole frame with double stretchers and spindled arm panels. It retains its original hickory bark weave on the seat and back which is in good, sturdy condition. Branded Old Hickory Chair Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1920
23" w, 31" d, 35" h

What's to love: This early design is a tried and true Old Hickory classic.


trout painting

Leaping Trout Painting
This oil on canvas depicts a brook trout hooked on a fly vigorously leaping from a pool. It is signed (lower right) by the artist Wm. E. Mellen. It is housed in a fabulous gilt frame with raised acorn and oak leaf decoration on a honeycomb ground.
Frame size: 19.75" w, 16" h; Sight size: 14.75" w, 11" h
Circa 1910

What's to love: The shoreline background is also well detailed.


old hickory magazine basket

Old Hickory Magazine Basket
This half-round basket has a hickory pole frame with a bent hoop handle and its original hickory bark and fiber rush weave, all in excellent condition. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
20" w, 16.5" d, 18.5" h

What's to love
: It is both good looking and useful -- for corralling magazines, newspapers, hats, mittens, guest towels, toys, kindling . . .


vintage skiing photos

Vintage Skiing Photos
A set of black-and-white photos capture images of people skiing in various settings, including in the Adirondacks of North Creek, NY and the White Mountains.
Circa 1930
9"-11" w, 9"-12" h

What's to love: It is fun to remember how people enjoyed the sport with simple equipment and wool garb before high-tech advances and high-style fashion ruled the slopes.

$225/all or $60/each

mosaic windmill

mosaic bridge

mosaic forest

Pictorial Mosaic Twig Panels
These three twig panels -- depicting a windmill, a bridge, and a forest -- are the work of an anonymous (and one could argue, obsessive) folk artist who covered the walls of his cabin with mosaic twig depictions of local scenes. The panels were all removed before the cabin (in Houghton Lake, Michigan) was torn down, and we have owned several different scenes over the years. These have been framed with a minimalist black background and edging for modern presentation.
Circa 1930

What's to love: The tight twigwork is skillfully executed, and the use of contrasting twig tones, diameters and orientations showcase the clever artistry of the panels' creator.

Windmill panel: 17.5" w, 24.5" h SOLD
Bridge panel: 29" w, 16" h SOLD
Forest panel: 22" w, 26.5" h SOLD

Dreamwold sign

dreamwold pennant

Early Cottage Sign and Pennant
We're always on the lookout for accessories that evoke lakeside rusticator era traditions, as these two pieces do. A wold is "a piece of high, open, uncultivated land or moor," so the cottage owners had evidently found the wold of their dreams. The single-sided white painted wooden sign has weathered black hand lettering and its original black frame. The hand-sewn cloth pennant would have flown from the cottage, a flagpole (see photos for an illustrated depiction with a similar pennant), or the stern of a boat.
Circa 1890
Sign: 44" w, 12" h
Pennant: 33" w, 18" h on a 83.5" h pole

What's to love: The period at the end of Dreamwold, which was a typographical format used in early sinage.


old hickory lamp table


Rare Old Hickory Lamp Table
This handsome table has a hexagonal oak top (with expansion grooves), a round oak bottom shelf, and six hickory pole legs with graceful bent hickory pole arches between them. The top is large enough to serve as a center or lamp table, but the multi-edge design diminishes its bulk and makes it easy to place against a wall, in a corner or between beds or chairs. One leg is stamped with the early "Old Hickory Furn Co. Martinsville, IND" logo.
Circa 1925
32" x 28" w top, 30" h

What's to love: The round bottom shelf adds function as well as an interesting geometric interplay with the hexagonal top.


hickory table

Old Hickory Side Table
This small side table has a round oak top and a hickory pole base with four spoked base stretchers and four top stretchers. It is stamped on the underside of the top Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
24" diameter top, 18" high

What's to love: It is a super convenient size to move beside or in front of a chair as needed to hold a drink, book, or snack tray.