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September 2019 (cont'd)

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old hickory ottoman

Old Hickory Ottoman
This ottoman was featured on the cover of the 1942 Old Hickory catalog (see photos) and is not a form we come across very often. It is constructed entirely of hickory poles, and has arched support stretchers in each of the four side panels. It is topped with a new 5.5" high velcro-anchored outdoor fabric replacement cushion.
Circa 1940
24" w, 21.5" d, 13" h

What's to love
: You can put your feet up or use it at the end of a bed or as an occasional table topped with a big tray.


andirons set

Andirons and Fire Tools Set
A fantastic matched set of Arts & Crafts wrought iron andirons and fire tools. The andirons have spiral, twist and tendril details, and tulip-shaped tops. The fire tool set includes a stand, tongs, poker and shovel. The tools have twist shafts and coil tops. All are in sturdy condition.
Circa 1890
Andirons: 9" w, 20.5" d, 28" h
Fire tool stand: 37" high, 12" deep, 12" wide

What's to love
: The intricacy of the blacksmith's elaborate handiwork.



cedar chairs

Set of Four Rustic Cedar Chairs
This porch or dining set includes three side chairs and one arm chair. Each chair has a cedar pole frame and hardwood slat backs and seats. The arm chair has wide arm rests that are supported by cedar poles.
Circa 1920
Arm chair: 29" w, 27" d, 39" h
Side chairs: 20" w, 22" d, 37.5" h

What's to love
: The unusual legs that rest on chamfered feet which highlight the contrast between the cedar's reddish inner wood and its dark outer bark.


hickory side table

Indiana Hickory
Cocktail Table
This cocktail table has a hickory pole base with a set of upper stretchers, crossed bottom stretchers, and a 5-board round pine top. Made by Indiana Willow Products Company Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
28" diameter top, 22.5" h

What's to love
: It is a nice height -- lower than a lamp table, higher than a coffee table -- for placing beside or between chairs to hold drinks, snacks and reading material.


burl bowl

Native American Burl Bowl
This small free-edge hewn elm bowl is a classic Northeastern Native American utilitarian object. It retains an excellent time-burnished surface.
Circa 1850
5.5" diameter, 3" h

What's to love
: The grain pattern of elm burl is very appealing.


horn mount

horn mount

Mounted Game Horns
Both of these sets of horns are from African species, perhaps ungulate relatives of antelopes. Each is mounted on a shield-shape wooden backboard for display.
Circa 1900
Top: 9.75" w, 7" d, 27: h
Bottom: 12" w, 11" d, 20" h

What's to love
: The ridged textures look like skillful wood turnings.


rustic table

Rustic Center Table
This sturdy, well-constructed table has a bark-on cedar pole pedestal base and mosaic half-round branch rod trim around the octagonal top and cross-shaped feet. The smooth hardwood panels on the top center provide a flat surface for a lamp, and create a nice textural contrast with the cedar table components.
Circa 1920
24" diameter top, 28" h

What's to love
: It has a hefty yet compact appearance and is practical for everyday use as a component of rustic room decor.


cedar table

Cedar Stand
This is an attractive tall stand with a bark-on Atlantic Cedar pole base with an unusual foot design, and a three-board round maple top. It was likely made by Binghamton Chair Company for their "Barnegat Cedar and Maple Rustic Furniture" line.
Circa 1920
20" diameter top, 30" h

What's to love
: It is a nice size and shape to hold a lamp, a plant, or drinks while mingling.


wicker magazine holder

Stick Wicker Magazine Holder
This rectangular split reed/stick wicker magazine holder has black and yellow wrap accents. It has an old alligatored shellac surface and a custom-made metal insert pan that can lift out via ring handles.
Circa 1920
21" w, 13.5" d, 20.5" h

What's to love
: It is a good-looking, functional accessory that fits well with rustic décor.