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May 2019 (cont'd)

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old hickory table

Old Hickory Side Table
This side, center or end table has a hickory pole base with a row of stretchers beneath the top, and an oak slat top and lower shelf. Made and stamped by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1945
30" w, 20.25" d, 22.5" h

What's to love
: The bottom shelf is a convenient, attractive and uncommon feature of hickory table designs.


rustic hickory footstool

Old Hickory Hoop Arm Chair
This popular rustic chair design has a hickory pole frame with three wide side hoops and two layers of bottom stretchers. The seat and back have been newly rewoven with rattan cane. Made and stamped by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
27.5" w, 24" d, 35" h
Circa 1940

What's to love
: The size of hickory hoop arm chairs vary, but this one is comfortably wide and commodious.


rustic stand

Unique Rustic Stand

This early rustic stand has an hour-glass shaped base with four upper branches meeting at a central node formed from a single round burl, and four lower branches creating the feet. The decorative trim along the top apron and along the bottom legs is formed from half-round segments of elongated root burls. The whole stand has a dark aged surface.
Circa 1890
12" square top, 16" square base, 29" h

What's to love: An ideal way to celebrate the renewed popularity of houseplants as elements of interior design is to display one on a nature-imbued rustic stand.


pine benches

Pair of Handmade Benches
Each of these two pine benches has shoe feet, a through-mortise-and-tenon trestle stretcher and a single-board top. There is a nickel embedded in the end of one bench to mark the date of their completion.
Each: 12" w, 6' long, 17.5" h

What's to love
: They have appealing, well-used-but-not-abused, surface wear.


hickory octagonal table

Hickory Lamp Table
This classic Indiana hickory table has hickory pole legs, two layers of hickory stretchers and a replaced oak top. This size works well as a lamp table between two chairs or twin beds.
Circa 1930
24" w, 24" d, 27" h

What's to love
: The cut corners of octagonal tables add geometric interest to a room's furnishings.


old hickory half-arm chairs

rustic hickory arm chairs

Hickory Arm Chairs
Pictured here are two pairs of hickory dining chairs. The first pair has spindled backs, half-length arm rests, and rewoven rattan cane seats. These were made by Old Hickory Furniture Company of Martinsville, Indiana. The second pair has full-length hickory pole arm rests and rewoven rattan cane seats and backs. They were made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company of LaPorte, Indiana. Both pairs are in good, sturdy condition.
Circa 1930-40

What's to love: The hickory pole frames and rattan cane weave provide a commonality that make these two pairs of chairs work well as mix-and-match partners.

Old Hickory half-arm chairs: (each) 21" w, 20" d, 35.5" h - $795/pair
Pair of Rustic Hickory full-arms: (each) 22" w, 24.5" d, 36.5" h - $795/pair

game bird paintings

Pair of Bird Portraits
These oil-on-canvas paintings each portray a pair of American game birds. One is titled "Dabbler - Wood Duck" and the other is titled "Ruffed Grouse." They are signed Weisgarvan and dated 1894. The paintings are in untouched condition, each retaining a somewhat crazed and yellowed varnish surface. The frames have losses to the applied trim detailing all around.
Each: 13" w, 25.75" h

What's to love: The birds' regal poise, and the rich background colors that are harmonious with the birds' plumage.


rustic hickory rocking chair

Rustic Hickory Rocking Chair

The design of this rocking chair has lots going for it: spindled arm panels, a woven apron around all four sides of the seat, and its original herringbone weave. It is as comfortable as it is handsome. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, La Porte, Indiana and obtained directly from the lakeside home for which it was originally purchased.
Circa 1926
26" w, 32" d, 38.5" h

What's to love: It is a desirable, classic form that does not often come on the market.