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ray harm mt lions painting

Ray Harm Mountain Lions Painting
This very large framed gouache on illustration board of a mountain lion family by Ray Harm (1926-2015) has a dramatic presence, both due to its scale and its subject matter. This original painting depicts a mountain lion female and two cubs on a rocky outcrop with mountains in the distance. Harm was a gifted artist who made his living selling limited edition prints of his work. While his art prints of birds and other wildlife are popular, his original paintings rarely come on the market.
Circa 1960
48" wide, 38" high

What's to love
: The mountain lions seem simultaneously fierce and playful.


naskapi snowshoes

Early Naskapi Snow Shoes
Naskapi First Nation Peoples are the most northeasterly of Algonquin tribes, occupying lands in northern Labrador and neighboring Quebec. These extremely round bear paw snow shoes are the shape they traditionally made and used. The wooden frames are steam bent and the finely woven interiors are babiche (rawhide, gut or sinew).
Circa 1850-1875
22" w, 25" h

What's to love
: These make an alluring wall sculpture, transforming antique Native craft into art.


sword andirons

Sword Andirons
These are actual brass-handled steel swords that have been joined to each other and to the back log holder, so the whole thing is a single unit. There are various maker's numbers and letters engraved on the sword handles so an enterprising researcher could potentially figure out what producer of bladed weapons made these.
Circa 1860 (swords)
28" w, 16" d, 19" h

What's to love
: Making andirons out of swords is a clever and perhaps novel "repurposing" idea.


old hickory magazine basket

Old Hickory Magazine Basket
This half-round basket has a hickory pole frame with a bent hoop handle and its original hickory bark and fiber rush weave, all in excellent condition. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
20" w, 16.5" d, 18.5" h

What's to love
: It is both good looking and useful -- for corralling magazines, newspapers, hats, mittens, guest towels, toys, kindling . . .


bear box

Faux Log Box with Bear Handle
This is a solid redwood box covered with a composite layer that is molded to look like wood grain. The hinged top opens via the carved bear handle. The box originally held chocolates made by Quimby’s California Chocolate Shops (once based in Los Angeles).
Circa 1915
16" w, 5" d, 7.5" h

What's to love
: The pairing of an appealing bear carving with a functional keepsake box.


chief wall pocket

Folk Art Wall Pocket
The carved bust of a Native American chief forms the backing for this large wooden wall pocket. In addition to the carved outline of the chief and his headdress, the carving also includes incised details to add dimension to the chief's face, hair and headdress. There are two small hollow carved canoes applied to the bust (perhaps for matches), and a larger applied hollow carved canoe forms the base of this wall sculpture and its major pocket (for keys and such). Painted totems on the headdress include a turtle and a butterfly, and the bottom canoe has an elaborately incised carved and painted scene of Native Americans, canoes and a teepee in a lakeside setting.
Circa 1920
16" w, 3" d, 24" h

What's to love
: The fabulous old matte paint with its touch of crazing is a highly desirable surface on antique folk art.


duck andirons

Duck Andirons
These figural andirons are full-bodied (i.e., heavy!) cast iron ducks with an integral back fire dog. Although we've had manufactured duck andirons before we've never seen this form, so they might be one-of-a-kind, artisan made.
Circa 1930
5.25" w, 24.5" d, 8.5" h

What's to love
: How the unusual curved fire dogs work as a graceful extension of the ducks' tail ends.



wicker console

Wicker Console Table
This stick wicker table has a fabulous design - a narrow oval top, a spindled apron, a lower shelf, and eight curved legs. The wooden top and shelf are grain painted, and the wicker has an old gold and red paint surface (chipped and worn in spots).
Circa 1920
48" w, 20.5" d, 28.5" h

What's to love
: It is a perfect size and shape to use behind a sofa or in a hallway.


model canoe

Model Canoe with Paddles
The carved canoe, carved paddles, and stand are all attached as one unit, probably intended to be a desk accessory (the oval depression in the canoe could hold paper clips). The canoe has fine chip carved and incised detailing including the outlines of two fish. It is Penobscot made, and the handles of the paddle blades and handles are traditional shapes.
Circa 1880
16.5" w, 3.25" d, 4" h

What's to love
: In the late 19th century, Native-made souvenirs like this were high quality objects, and the refinement of this piece is a testament to that fact.


pack basket

Unique Pack Basket
We've never seen a pack basket quite like this one: ash splints are interwoven with strips of red plastic to create the body of the basket. Otherwise it is a traditional pack basket in its shape and details such as an ash-wrapped rim, a carved ash handle and canvas webbing straps. It is likely one (probably Penobscot) basket maker's solution to assuring that it withstood the elements.
Circa 1940
17" w, 10.5" d, 22.5" h

What's to love
: Its zippy red weavers make this a a great candidate for adding to a collection of colorfully painted pack baskets.


fish carvings

Two Fish Carvings
These colorful carvings depict a Yellow Perch and a Brook Trout. The fish shapes and colors are somewhat folky stylizations, but not too far from being accurate renditions. Each is mounted on a clear-finish oval backboard.
Dated 1965
Each 14.75” w, 8.75” h

What's to love
: They are bright and cheerful.


cottage sign

"Summerside" Cottage Sign
A single board with jagged cut edges holds wooden block letters spelling "Summerside" which was most likely the name of a cottage. Each of the letters has a worn green paint surface and is embedded with cute little glass reflectors.
Circa 1930
33" w, 5.75" h

What's to love
: Summerside is a great name for a (presumably) lakeside cottage .


model canoe paddles

Pair of Painted Model Canoe Paddles
These paddles are light and delicate, with beaver-tail blades and flat handles, a traditional Maine design. Their original old honey-mustard yellow paint surface brightens them up.
Circa 1910
3" w, 24" h

What's to love
: They are a good medium-size for display -- not too short, not too tall.

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