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February 2019

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old hickory dining table

Old Hickory Dining Table
This table has a hickory pole base with decorative turned pegs inserted through the trestle poles that run between the three legs. The top is a commodious antique pine table top with breadboard ends that replaces the original top (which was warped and too narrow for comfortable dining).It is a very attractive, classic Old Hickory design.
Circa 1930
34.5" w, 9' long, 30" h

What's to love: It has been a long time since we've seen an Old Hickory dining table that can accommodate six or more diners, so this is a rare find.


Rustic Hickory rocking chair

Rustic Hickory Rocking Chair

The design of this rocking chair has lots going for it: spindled arm panels, a woven apron around all four sides of the seat, and its original herringbone weave. It is as comfortable as it is handsome. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, La Porte, Indiana and obtained directly from the lakeside home for which it was originally purchased.
Circa 1926
26" w, 32" d, 38.5" h

What's to love: It is a desirable, classic form that does not often come on the market.


yellow birch floor lamp

Adirondack Yellow Birch Floor Lamp
This elegant rustic lamp is made from a luminous yellow birch sapling with intact roots that support the upright trunk/lamp shaft. It holds two bulbs in pull-chain sockets, and has a unique turned wood shade.
(ex. Bert Savage and Walters-Benisek collections)
Circa 1920
52" w, 15" d, 60.25" h (20" diameter shade)

What's to love: Living with this lamp will feel like an animate forest denizen is keeping you company indoors.


Rustic Hickory center table

Rustic Hickory Center Table
The hickory base of this early design has a round shelf beneath the top, and spoked stretchers at the bottom. The square top is oak. Its original shipping label from Rustic Hickory Furniture Company (La Porte, Indiana), containing the motto "A Reflection of Nature's Beauty," is affixed to the underside of the top. This came directly from the lakeside home where it had been since it was purchased in the 1920s.
Circa 1926
30" x 30.5" top, 31" h

What's to love: The convenient shelf is a rare feature of hickory tables.


beaded pillow

Beaded Velvet Pillow
This beadwork pillow (likely Iroquois made) features a dove on the branch of a fruiting tree. The front of the pillow is navy velvet and the backing is a light red fabric with a soft sheen. Scalloped beadwork loops decorate the pillow edges all around. There is a small area of bead loss on the bottom tail feather, but otherwise it is in remarkable condition for its age.
Circa 1880
8" w, 2.5" d, 7.5" h

What's to love: The restrained color scheme -- predominantly clear beads with some maroon bead accents against navy blue -- makes the whole image graphically strong.


balsam pillow

Evergreen Poetry Pillow
This vintage pillow cover was unused store stock for a souvenir balsam pillow. The previously empty cover is now stuffed with new polyfill. The bright paint decoration includes a spruce tree and pine cones with needles, along with a corny (in a good way!) poem.
Circa 1930
11" w, 3" d, 8" h

What's to love: It would make a perfect Valentine's gift for one's long-distance (or in-the-next-room) beloved.


rustic hickory dining chairs

Set of Six Rustic Hickory Dining Chairs
This set of dining chairs includes four side and two arm chairs. The chairs have herringbone flat reed weave and were made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, La Porte, Indiana.
Circa 1926
Side chairs: 18.5" w, 21.25" d, 18.5" seat ht., 39" back ht.
Arm chairs:   23" w, 24.5" d, 17" seat ht., 36.5" back ht.


tramp art frame

Tramp Art Picture Frame
This decorative frame has four layers of notch carving applied to the wood base layer. The top layer is accented in gold, and each corner has cut-out carvings of hearts, spaces, diamonds and clubs which are painted red and black. It currently holds a photo of a boy proudly displaying a stringer of pickerel, but the back board could be removed to insert a different picture.
Circa 1930
Frame size: 9.5” w, 11.5” h; Sight size: 4” w, 6" h

What's to love: The frame was likely made with patient affection by the boy's father or grandfather.


Riverview sign

Riverview Cottage Sign
This is a single-sided sign made up of several joined boards surrounded by a wooden frame. The white letters pop against a painted black background.
Circa 1940
63.5" w, 2" d, 14" h

What's to love: The flowing cursive lettering, which is an uncommon style for this type of sign.


owl bookends

Pair of Owl Bookends
These attractive Arts & Crafts era cast iron bookends each feature a tall owl on a branch standing proud of an ivy covered background. They retain their original paint.
Circa 1910
Each: 3.5" w, 2.5" d, 5.5" h

What's to love: The lateral body/front face view highlights owls' amazing head rotation abilities, observable if you ever have a chance to watch an owl watching you.


Old Hickory side table

Old Hickory Side Table
This is a desirable, diminutive occasional table with hickory pole legs and stretchers, and a round oak top. It is in excellent, sturdy condition.
Circa 1940
18" diameter top, 18" h

What's to love: This is an uncommon form that is extremely flexible, being easy to move to different chairside locations as needed.


birch bark kindling holder

Birch Bark Kindling Holder
This Penobscot Indian-made kindling/newspaper/magazine holder has a birch bark body, a cedar pole frame, and twig accents. It is sturdy and functional.
Circa 1920
19" w, 12.5" d, 15" h

What's to love: These were originally made to sell to rusticators visiting Maine's tourist areas in the early 20th century.


Robin hooked rug

Large Figural Hooked Rug
A robin perched on crossed budding branches occupies center stage on this dramatically-sized rug. The multi-color border is a striped hit-or-miss design. The periphery of the green background is missing hooking in places, revealing the burlap backing (see photos), but the hooking of the central design and border are intact and vibrant. It has been mounted on a frame for hanging.
Circa 1920
50" w, 40" h

What's to love: The charmingly quirky elements of hooker-designed vintage rugs, such as this rug's gigantically proportioned leaf buds and the semi-transparent flower bud just shy of the bird's beak.


cedar desks

Pair of Rustic Desks or Tables
The tops of these desks are attached to two cedar poles that elevate them above their bases. It is a unique design for rustic furniture that we've not encountered before, and lends additional interest to the tables' overall geometry. A chair fits in the front space of each to use them as desks, or they also make good bedside or console tables.
Circa 1910
Each: 29" w, 18" d, 29" h

What's to love: The red painted ends of the poles beneath the tops provide a lively spark of color.


owl decoy

Double-Faced Iron Scare Bird
This heavy cast iron owl was originally made to mount on a fence post to frighten away crop-nuisance birds. It has cast feather detailing, glass eyes, and its original paint decoration. The grandparents of this owl's former owner used it as a doorstop. It has been attached to a wooden base for stability.
Circa 1930
Base: 10" w, 4.5" d; 14" h

What's to love: The amber glass eyes shine light through on both sides, making this an especially attractive object to display on a windowsill where its glowing eyes will be seen all day long from indoors and out.


iron magazine holder

Iron Magazine Holder
This heavy hand-forged magazine holder has an iron strap body, gracefully curved handles and feet, and iron ring accents. It retains vestiges of a blue paint surface.
Circa 1920
19.5" w, 12" d, 17.5" h

What's to love: Its narrow profile makes it a convenient chairside accessory.


twig hanging lights

Pair of Twig Hanging Lights
These two light fixtures feature open lattice twigwork and retain their original hanging chains. The sockets need to be removed and rewired by a lamp specialist to customize the wiring for installation.
Circa 1950
Each: 6" diameter, 10" h (not counting chain length)

What's to love:
The clever assemblage of wishbone-shaped twigs.


mosaic twig planter

Mosaic Twig Planter
A twig star graces the center front of this planter which is covered all around with additional geometric twig designs including diamond, square and windmill patterns. The legs and diagonal braces are natural branches.
Circa 1910
32" w, 10" d, 30.5" h

What's to love: While plant pots can sit inside the planter, adding a piece of glass or wood over the top would create a table surface to display plants, a lamp, vases, etc.


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