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March 2019

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old hickory dining table

Old Hickory Dining Table

At nearly 8' long, this is a super commodious dining table that easily seats eight. It has a hickory pole trestle base with half-log feet. The top comprises nine pine boards with chamfered and rounded ends. There is a circular blemish in a top corner (see photos), but overall the table is in great condition and structurally very sturdy. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1935
94" l, 36.5" d, 30" h

What's to love
: Dark, clear-finish pine and bark-on hickory combine well to create a warm, earthy style.


old hickory half-arm chairs

rustic hickory arm chairs

Hickory Arm Chairs
Pictured here are two pairs of hickory dining chairs. The first pair has spindled backs, half-length arm rests, and rewoven rattan cane seats. These were made by Old Hickory Furniture Company of Martinsville, Indiana. The second pair has full-length hickory pole arm rests and rewoven rattan cane seats and backs. They were made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company of LaPorte, Indiana. Both pairs are in good, sturdy condition.
Circa 1930-40

What's to love: The hickory pole frames and rattan cane weave provide a commonality that make these two pairs of chairs work well as mix-and-match partners.

Old Hickory half-arm chairs: (each) 21" w, 20" d, 35.5" h - $795/pair
Pair of Rustic Hickory full-arms: (each) 22" w, 24.5" d, 36.5" h - $795/pair

antler clock

Antler Wall Clock
This decorative wall accessory has two hefty, wide antlers and four smaller antlers comprising the outer clock frame, and four delicate spliced antlers gracefully surrounding the circular metal clock face. The clock itself is not currently in working order.
Circa 1890
23" w, 10" d, 24"h

What's to love: It conjures the ambience of manorial great rooms adorned with taxidermy.


game bird paintings

Pair of Bird Portraits
These oil-on-canvas paintings each portray a pair of American game birds. One is titled "Dabbler - Wood Duck" and the other is titled "Ruffed Grouse." They are signed Weisgarvan and dated 1894. The paintings are in untouched condition, each retaining a somewhat crazed and yellowed varnish surface. The frames have losses to the applied trim detailing all around.
Each: 13" w, 25.75" h

What's to love: The birds' regal poise, and the rich background colors that are harmonious with the birds' plumage.


rustic hickory rocking chairs

Two Hickory Rocking Chairs
These are comfortable "His & Hers" hickory rocking chairs made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company of LaPorte, Indiana. Both chairs retain their original flat reed weaving on the seats and backs, and both have the long chamfered pole ends that are characteristic of that company's designs. We acquired them (along with the rocker shown on page 2) directly from the lakeside cottage for which they were originally purchased in the 1920's.
Circa 1926
"Her" rocker: 21.5" w, 32" d, 36" h - SOLD
"His" rocker: 26.5" w, 32" d, 39.5" h - $695

What's to love: Rustic porch furniture style does not get much more classic than this!

root burl stand

Root Burl Stool
This stool has a naturalistic branch base, and free-form root burl lattice work forming the four side panels. The wooden top is covered with leather upholstery. It has a dark patina and age-worn surface. It is just the right shape and size to serve equally well as a footstool or chairside table.
Circa 1900
11" square top, ~13" square base, 18.5" h

What's to love: This would look at home in the abode of an animal character from "The Wind in the Willows," or more realistically, adorning a nature-loving human's rustic retreat. 


squirrel bookends

Squirrel Bookends
Two cast iron squirrels on logs holding acorns create these figural animal bookends. The black paint surface is aged and chipped, creating their well-worn appearance.
Circa 1920
6" w, 1" d, 5.25" h

What's to love: They are appealing shelf ornaments whether or not they're employed to keep books upright.


wicker table

Wicker Center Table
All surfaces of this light and airy table are covered with intricate wicker work, including the woven table top, the wrapped legs and ball feet, and the braided edge trim. It is in great condition, and the wicker has an appealing aged caramel color.
Circa 1920
26.5" w, 16.5" d, 27.5" h

What's to love: It's always convenient to have a bottom table shelf to hold books, magazines, catch-all baskets, etc.


rustic console

Convertible Rustic Console
On the face of it, this piece of rustic furniture seems to be a branch-base console with a mosaic rod apron and a two-board top. However, the top can unfold and spin around to create a larger, four-board table surface. Rotating the top also reveals a storage compartment inside the base. The table is in an old dark finish, with some areas having an appealing alligatored surface texture.
Circa 1900
36" w, 17.5" d (top closed), 35.5" d (top open), 27.75" h
What's to love: Over the years we've had a few pieces of furniture by this clever, anonymous rustic craftsman, each of which had a secret compartment or a non-obvious moving part that expanded the furniture's function.


black forest owl lamp

Black Forest Owl Lamp
A carved owl forms the upright pole of this wooden table lamp, and it has an amber mica shade. Its old wiring has been replaced.
16" diameter shade, 22.5" h
Circa 1940

What's to love: It would be reassuring (not to mention fun) to have this owl standing sentinel over the contents of one's desk.


old hickory side tables

Two Old Hickory Side Tables
Each of these small side tables has a hickory pole base with three layers of stretchers and an oak top. The finish on one is slightly lighter than the other. They are easy to move around a room as needed to serve as chairside drink or book tables. Both are branded by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
Each: 16" w, 15" d, 16.5"h

What's to love: An Old Hickory worker traced his initials in yellow varnish beneath one of the table tops, and wrote "Old Hickory" in cursive lettering.


mosaic twig frame

Mosaic Twig Backboard
This shield-shaped frame has applied twigwork that creates geometric patterns from expertly rendered contrasting orientations and twig colors. It was originally used as a backboard for a taxidermy mount.
Circa 1900
15" w, 1.5" d, 21"h

What's to love: This frame presents an invitation to get creative with what to display in the opening - a picture, an object, interesting fabric, roe deer antlers, a small piece of taxidermy - or simply to hang "as-is" for a compelling piece of rustic wall art.

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