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MAY 2019

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old hickory arm chair
old hickory rocking chair

Old Hickory Paddle Arm Chair Set
This matching set includes an arm chair and a rocking chair, each with hickory pole frames, double rows of stretchers and flat arm rests. Made by (and one is stamped) Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
Arm chair: 29" w, 29" d, 35.5" h
Rocking chair: 29" w, 34" d, 34" h

What's to love
: They are wide and comfortable, yet don't have an enormous footprint.


old hickory sofa

Old Hickory Paddle Arm Sofa
This three-seat sofa has a hickory pole frame, wide pine paddle arms, a pine front apron, and woven hickory bark side and back aprons. The feet have an unusual and appealing "V" design. The reupholstery on the new cushions is in pretty good shape (with some light soiling on the reverse side of the seat cushions). Branded Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Dated (on a Bruce tag) 1936
77" w, 37" d, 34" h

What's to love
: It is casual and comfy.


twig frames

Early Twig Frames
These four twig frames made by the same hand are variations on a theme. The borders of each frame comprise multiple twigs, and each is then decorated with twig accents. Rabbet molding would need to be added to the backs to mount pictures in them, or they can be displayed simply as rustic wall art, or used as surrounds for something that is mounted directly on a wall.
Circa 1920
1: 13.75" w, 18" h - $185
2: 12" w, 16" h SOLD
3: 16.5" w, 19" h - $225
4: 13.25" w, 19.25" h - $225

What's to love
: Their sculptural variations have a pleasing rhythm when viewed together.

wicker magazine holder

Stick Wicker Magazine Holder
This rectangular split reed/stick wicker magazine holder has black and yellow wrap accents. It has an old alligatored shellac surface and a custom-made metal insert pan that can lift out via ring handles.
Circa 1920
21" w, 13.5" d, 20.5" h

What's to love
: It is a good-looking, functional accessory that fits well with rustic décor.


antler mounts

antler mounts

Two Large Antler Mounts
These sets of mounted stag antlers are both likely European red deer, but the two vary in size, shape and natural coloration. One is mounted on a shield-shaped wooden backboard, while the other backboard is round.
Circa 1890
Top photo: 19.5" w, 22.5" h - $325
Bottom photo: 28" w, 26" h - $325

What's to love
: Their uncommonly large size give them a dramatic presence.

Adirondack guide boat painting

Adirondack Painting
An oil on board of a pleasant scene of two men in an Adirondack guide boat traveling through a floating mat of water lilies, with Haystack Mountain in the background. One of the men is rowing, while the stern man is steering with a guide boat paddle. Titled on the back "Haystack Mountain Adirondacks" and signed C. K. Stellwagen, an American portrait and landscape painter born in 1818. The painting is in a resized, age-appropriate gold frame.
Dated 1891
21" w, 15.5" h

What's to love
: The saturated colors make the landscape compellingly vivid.


barley twist candlesticks

Wooden Open Twist Candle Sticks
These candlesticks are oak with brass taper holders. The stems have an open twist design, and the round bases are hand-turned. The tallest pair has a chip and wax drippings (see photos), but the overall condition of each pair is good.
Circa 1880
Tall pair: 14.5" h
Medium pair: 12.25" h
Lowest pair: 10.5" h

What's to love
: They are elegantly rustic.


trout painting

Stringer of Trout Painting

An untouched oil on canvas painting of three brook trout on a field-made branch stringer. It is framed in a resized, deep walnut frame appropriate to the painting's time period.
Circa 1890
13.25" w, 23.25" h

What's to love
: This portrait honors a beautiful and tasty species of fish.


old hickory luggage rack

Hickory Luggage Rack
A rare hickory accessory, this luggage rack is constructed from hickory poles with wide fabric webbing (two straps are replaced). It folds to a narrow profile for easy storage when not in use.
Circa 1940
24" w, 18" d, 18" h

What's to love
: This accessory adds a useful finishing touch to a rustic guest room.


birch bark frame

Birch Bark Frame
This teepee-shaped framed has twig edging along the periphery and the picture opening, and birch bark cladding over a solid wood back. It is Native American made, likely by an Odawa or Ojibwa craftsperson. The inscription on the postcard behind the glass opening says "Indian birch bark handcraft Cross Village Mich about 1900."
Circa 1900
10.5" w, 11.25" h

What's to love
: The applied bark decorative elements: a hand-drawn seedling and crossed tomahawk and ball-headed club cut-outs.


old hickory coffee table

Large Old Hickory Coffee Table
This large coffee table has a hickory pole base and a replaced oak board top. Decorative hickory pole hoops add some flair to the crossed half-round feet. Made and branded by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
45" diameter top, 19" h

What's to love
: Old Hickory coffee tables are quite hard to come by.


cattails painting


Marsh & Bird Painting
This oil on canvas depicts a serene setting of cattails, water lilies and marsh grasses that are the habitat of a small wren-like bird standing at the base of an aquatic arrowhead plant. There is a small puncture in the canvas and some stable crackelure. It is housed in a period gilt-lined walnut frame.
Circa 1880
27.25" w, 22.5" h

What's to love
: It perfectly conveys a sultry summer day.


birch bark cupboard

Birch Bark Cabinet
This low cabinet has two doors that open to three shelves. The case is clad all around in sheets of birch bark and trimmed with peeled cedar poles.
Circa 1940
48.5" w, 21.5" d, 30.5" h

What's to love
: It is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture for any room of the house.


bear bookends

Carved Bear Bookends
These handmade bookends feature two carved bear heads, one with an open mouth and the other with its mouth closed. The front side has an incised vine design.
Circa 1950
3.5" w, 6" d, 7" h

What's to love
: Their large size make them decorative as well as practical shelf décor.


Old Hickory 2-tier table

Old Hickory 2-Tier Table
This early bedside stand or end table has four steam-bent hickory pole legs, and a round oak top and lower shelf. It is an uncommon design in very good original condition. Made and branded by Old Hickory Chair Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1910
19" diameter top, 18" diameter bottom, 31" h

What's to love
: A table with a shelf doubles its usage.

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