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January 2020

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cooper bowl

copper vase

copper bowl

Arts & Crafts Copper Accessories

Each of these quality copper accessories was made in the shop of a master craftsman of the Arts & Crafts era. All are hammered copper with good patina. The vase and floriform center bowl were made and stamped by Frans Gyllenberg (1883–1974), and the round center bowl was made and stamped by Karl F. Leinonen (1866-1957). Both men were members of the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston and began working at its famed Handicraft Shop in the early 1900s. (Auction sale details for these pieces is available.)
Circa 1910
Floriform center bowl: 9.25" diameter, 3.25" h - $950
Vase: 4.5" diameter, 10" h - $950
Round center bowl: 8.5" diameter, 3.25" h - $475

What's to love: The pieces have the heft (especially the vase) of quality copper ware, along with delicacy in design and creation.

old hickory lamp table


Rare Old Hickory Lamp Table
This handsome table has a hexagonal oak top (with expansion grooves), a round oak bottom shelf, and six hickory pole legs with graceful bent hickory pole arches between them. The top is large enough to serve as a center or lamp table, but the multi-edge design diminishes its bulk and makes it easy to place against a wall, in a corner or between beds or chairs. One leg is stamped with the early "Old Hickory Furn Co. Martinsville, IND" logo.
Circa 1925
32" x 28" w top, 30" h

What's to love: The round bottom shelf adds function as well as an interesting geometric interplay with the hexagonal top.


mosaic star

mosaic windmill

mosaic bridge

mosaic forest

Pictorial Mosaic twig Panels
These four twig panels -- depicting a star, a windmill, a bridge, and a forest -- are the work of an anonymous (and one could argue, obsessive) folk artist who covered the walls of his cabin with mosaic twig depictions of local scenes. The panels were all removed before the cabin (in Houghton Lake, Michigan) was torn down, and we have owned several different scenes over the years. These have been framed with a minimalist black background and edging for modern presentation.
Circa 1930

What's to love: The tight twigwork is skillfully executed, and the use of contrasting twig tones, diameters and orientations showcase the clever artistry of the panels' creator.

Star panel: 45.5" w, 37" h - SOLD
Windmill panel: 17.5" w, 24.5" h - $1,100
Bridge panel: 29" w, 16" h - $850
Forest panel: 22" w, 26.5" h - $850

moose lamp

Moose Table Lamp
This large, hand-carved table lamp features a bull moose standing in front of a tree trunk. The tree's canopy is a handmade wood slat shade. It is signed by André Dubé who was a member of a family of accomplished carvers from the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli region of Quebec which has been known for its tradition of folk carving since the early 1900s.
The lamp holds one light bulb, and has been newly rewired.
Circa 1950
19" diameter shade, 31" h

What's to love: It is a substantially sized lamp that has (nearly...) the same dramatic presence of a moose in the wild.


Trout painting

Leaping Trout Painting
A lithe and colorful brook trout leaps after a fly on the water surface in this zoom-focused aquatic scene. It is an unsigned oil on board housed in a gold painted frame.
Circa 1950
16" w, 26" h

What's to love: The aqua-blue water behind the salmon-pink trout edging creates stunning visual energy.


Dreamwold sign

dreamwold pennant

Early Cottage Sign and Pennant
We're always on the lookout for accessories that evoke lakeside rusticator era traditions, as these two pieces do. A wold is "a piece of high, open, uncultivated land or moor," so the cottage owners had evidently found the wold of their dreams. The single-sided white painted wooden sign has weathered black hand lettering and its original black frame. The hand-sewn cloth pennant would have flown from the cottage, a flagpole (see photos for an illustrated depiction with a similar pennant), or the stern of a boat.
Circa 1890
Sign: 44" w, 12" h
Pennant: 33" w, 18" h on a 83.5" h pole

What's to love: The period at the end of Dreamwold, which was a typographical format used in early sinage.


bass plaques

Commemorative Fish Plaques
These fish portraits on wood commemorate three Smallmouth Bass caught in the early 20th century in New Hampshire’s Partridge Lake. Two are pencil sketches (the longest includes a ruler to highlight the 18" length of the fish) and one is pyrography. (See our recent Journal article for more information.)
Shortest: 14.75" w, 5" h - $125
Medium: 19.25" w, 6" h - $175
Longest: 22" w, 8.25" h - $195
Dated 1905 & 1906

What's to love: Antique commemorative fish portraits are quintessential decor for a lakeside camp, while holding within the proverbial story of a fish catch.

Cattail andirons

Cattail Andirons
These one-of-a-kind figural andirons are hand forged in the shape of cattail flowers with leaves. The base of each is scrolled on one half of the arch, with the ends of the leaf pieces layered and riveted to the top of the other half.
Circa 1920
Each: 11" w, 18" d, 21" h

What's to love: They evoke the splendor of an expanse of marshland.


old hickory bench

old hickory bench

Pair of Old Hickory Benches
These benches have hickory pole legs and stretchers, and retain their original woven herringbone reed tops and sides. They serve very well as benches at the ends of twin beds, as surfaces for holding reading material next to chairs, or as pull-up extra seating. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1925
Each: 28" w, 16" d, 19.5" h

What's to love: These are uncommon pieces, so finding them as a pair is a real bonanza.


mosaic twig table

Mosaic Twig Console
This fabulous example of Adirondack mosaic twig furniture has geometric twig designs on the top and bottom shelf, and upper and lower shaped twig aprons. A very cool feature is a secret compartment in one end that is opened by pushing an apron twig to release the catch. We discovered this accidentally while cleaning the table, and were surprised to find a million dollar bill inside -- a gag left by a recent owner, but you could safely replace it with your own stash of cash.
32" w, 17" d, 30" h

What's to love: It is a perfect size to use as a sofa table or entryway console.


hickory hoop chair

Old Hickory Hoop Arm Chair
This classic rustic chair has a hickory pole frame with 3-hoop arms, double stretchers, and an open-weave rattan cane seat and back, all in great condition. Stamped "Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana."
Circa 1945
27" w, 26" d, 34" h

What's to love: This chair is very commodious and has a comfortable back angle.


social club sign

Social Club Sign
This sign is painted on art board with shadowed hand lettering surrounding a charming portrait of a wren. It harkens back to a time when it was more common for people to form in-person social clubs for recreation and community service in their communities. It is signed by E. Payette (most likely a professional sign maker), and has been rematted and rehoused in its original frame.
Dated 1938
33" w, 23" h

What's to love: Given the chatty nature of wrens, this sounds like a fun club to join.


salmon hooked rug

Salmon Hooked Rug
This hand-hooked wool rug is an original design featuring an Atlantic salmon on a gray background. The border is multi-colored, with two colorful sugar maple leaves in each corner. It is in good condition with a few light water marks and has been mounted for wall display.
Circa 1920
52" w, 39" h

What's to love: How the size of the fish is exaggerated by having its head and tail push horizontally past the rug's border boundaries.


old hickory coffee table

Old Hickory Coffee Table
The hickory pole pedestal base of this coffee table is secured to the chamfered half-round legs with four arched braces. It has a rectangular cut-corner oak top with a layered apron, and is in great condition. It is stamped "Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana."
Circa 1945
42” w, 24” d, 18” h

What's to love: Vintage rustic coffee tables are a universally desired component of seating arrangements, yet are surprisingly hard to come by.


antler scones

Pair of Antler Sconces
Antique rustic lighting is not plentiful on the market, so these are good finds. Each sconce has a wide antler back plate, applied antler points, and nubbly antler base pieces that hold the sockets for candelabra bulbs. They were made as candle sconces back-in-the-day, but now have been wired to plug into wall-switched outlets and have new birch bark shades.
Circa 1900
13" w, 12" d, 11" h

What's to love: The old sun-bleached surface of the antlers.


carved box

Carved Candle Box
The lid of this Arts & Crafts box is relief carved with the profile of a Native American chief wearing a headdress. The rest of the top and side surfaces are gouge-carved to create a rippled texture. It has classic Arts & Crafts design features such as a brass hasp and hammered brass plates on the front center and corners. Flakes of candle wax on the interior reveal its past use as a container for short tapers.
Circa 1910
11" w, 8" d, 5" h

What's to love: It is a very appealing example of turn-of-the-century craftsmanship that is as handsome as it is functional.


Deer Carving

Carved Deer and Antler Wall Sculpture
A lovely Black Forest sculpture that features real stag antlers--two flat antlers as the back plate and one narrow antler at the center--and a carved stag head. The stag is finely carved, and details include glass eyes and a neck-encircling wreath.
Circa 1890
12" w, 15" d, 22" h

What's to love: The delicacy of the deer's face and the crescent moon arch of the center antler combine to create a very graceful whole.



eagle boat sign

Canvas Boat Store Sign
This canvas sign would have hung on the door or window of a shop selling nautical items for a boat's "store" -- the inventory carried on board to meet the vessel's and crew's daily needs. The background (front and back) is painted garnet red, with gold hand lettering and flourishes. A coastal landscape vignette is expertly painted in the center. This fringe-trimmed sign hangs from a turned rod and fine chain.
Circa 1880
28" w, 35" h

What's to love: That the shop is named after a bird that is a frequent majestic presence in coastal areas.

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