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MARCH 2018
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old hickory lounge chair

Old Hickory Lounge Chair

This chair appeared in the 1937 Old Hickory catalog as "No. 247 Chair." It has a lean-back design and wide seat, making it very comfortable for lounging. The hickory pole frame is sturdy and the open "porch-weave" rattan cane seat and back have been recently rewoven.
Circa 1937
24" w, 35" d, 36" h

What's to love
: It is always rewarding to find a form of hickory furniture that we had never owned or seen before, as is the case with this chair.


Irvine pickerel carving

Mounted Pickerel Carving
This is an expertly carved and painted American pickerel (Esox americanus) in excellent condition. The oval backboard has a chamfered edge highlighted with black. The pickerel and backboard were made by Lawrence C. Irvine (1918-1998), also known as "Maine's Master Carver," who created fish carvings from the 1950s into the 1980s.
Circa 1960
28.25" w, 12" h

What's to love: This carving honors a member of the genus Esox (including pickerel, pike, muskie) which are some of Jeff's favorite fish to catch; so much so that his original antiques business was called Esox Antiques!


birch bark container

Decorated Birch Bark Container
This lidded birch bark box has a neat row of split spruce root edging along the top, and etched images on the front of a shamrock-shaped plant, perhaps representing wood sorrel which is a common small plant in shady northern woodlands. The central image on the back looks more like a four-leaf clover (which also has heart-shaped leaves) that is flanked by two etched moose. Each end panel is decorated with a pair of stylized ducks. The top is warped and is missing some of its lashing, but it stays put within the opening. This basket also has a leather strap.
Circa 1940 9" w, 6.5" d, 10" h

What's to love
: Its blend of plant and animal imagery, and the clever interplay of leaves and hearts.


cabin plaque

Round Plaque with Cabins & Birds
This creatively decorated papier-mâché plaque features a central scene of a row of snow-topped lakeside cottages, with periphery paintings of a leaf cluster and a flowering branch holding two perched birds. There are some scattered spots of paint loss but overall it is in good condition.
Circa 1890
10" diameter

What's to love: The ombré shading gradation of the olive green background.



Small Birch Bark Mocuck
This small container has a birch bark lid that is incised with a butterfly-like image, and its body also has a distinctive, abstract design that perhaps represents a school of fish. It is signed on the bottom "River Desert Band Algonquin" which is a First Nations Reserve (now called Kitigan Zibi) located at the confluence of the Désert and Gatineau Rivers, about 85 miles north of Ottawa. There is additional information written on the bottom (difficult to read) about this specific design and the name of the maker.
Circa 1930
4" w, 3.5" d, 4" h

What's to love: Its petiteness and mysterious symbolic imagery.


birch bark container

Birch Bark Storage Box
This utilitarian lidded birch bark container has a leather strap and split spruce root lashing. The smooth bark surface has an appealing golden hue.
Circa 1940
11" w, 7" d, 6.5" h

What's to love: The aesthetics of storing miscellaneous goods, grains, or maple sugar in a humble bark container.


squirrel lamp

Carved Squirrel Lamp
A carved squirrel standing on a hollow log next to a tree trunk forms a lamp base that is topped with a handmade, bicolor wood-slat shade. It is signed on the front base by the carver P.E. Caron from the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli region of Quebec which has been known for its tradition of folk carving since the early 1900s.
Circa 1950
10" diameter shade, 15.5" h

What's to love: It is an animal sculpture with the added bonus of being functional.


wicker floor lamp

Fabulous Wicker Floor Lamp
This tall floor lamp has an intricate woven and braided wicker base and an integral wicker shade. It has an appealing age-crazed surface and is in incredibly good condition. It holds four bulbs for plenty of light, and has been newly rewired. It is a statement piece that is also very functional for an indoor/outdoor room.
Circa 1910
29" diameter shade, 19" square base, 67" h

What's to love: We keep an eye out for good antique wicker but have never seen a lamp with this quality of both condition and design.


twig stand

Adirondack Twig Stand
This is a classic rustic stand that is taller than average, with a graceful hourglass shape. It has branch legs and a mosaic rod top and two lower shelves. Use it as a side or lamp table, or in a corner as a plant perch or to display a decorative object.
Circa 1900
12" square base, 32.5" h

What's to love: The interlaced hoops trimming the top tier add some extra design flair.


floral plates

Oval Plaques with Flowers, Birds & Butterfly
Decorating papier-mâché plaques was a popular artistic pursuit for Victorian-era ladies. These have especially attractive compositions with wild flora accented with two songbirds in pursuit of ladybird beetles on one, and a visiting butterfly on the other. Each plaque has a bit of edge damage and repair as well as a few spots of paint loss. The cohesive color palettes remain vibrant and the plaques are sturdy. Both are titled "Blue" on the back and one also has a penciled gift inscription, date, and the painter's name.
Dated 1887
10" w, 13" h

What's to love: The scenes are elegantly styled yet naturalistic.


hickory coat tree

Indiana Hickory Coat Tree
This hickory pole coat tree has 6 hickory pegs, a straight center pole, and a tripod base with three widely arched legs connected to the center with three stretchers. It is a sturdy and attractive design.
Circa 1940
24" x 26" base, 64" h

What's to love: Hickory coat trees are useful in just about every room of a rustic home -- hallways and mudrooms for hats & coats, bedrooms for clothing, bathrooms for towels & robes, and great rooms and dens for displaying collectible objects & colorful textiles.


bird thermometer

Bird Thermometer

The wooden housing for this working thermometer is shaped like a birdhouse, painted yellow with a red roof. An equally cheerfully-colored songbird sits in front of the house on a wooden perch.
Circa 1940
6.5" w, 2" d, 8.75" h

What's to love
: The simulated birdhouse even has a painted oval entry hole.



Pair of Folk Art Trellises
These handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wooden garden ornaments each have a wide central area to support plants, a tapered stake for planting into soil, and a crowning finial. They each retain their dry ivory and red paint surface on both sides. Their overall similarity yet geometric contrasts make them a striking pair for displaying on an indoor wall, on the side of a barn or potting shed, or as decorative supports in large pots of houseplants.
Circa 1920
Horseshoe: 14.5" w, 38" h
Square: 15" w, 43" h

What's to love: Unique, homemade versions of utilitarian objects that convey a quirky, artistic spirit are quintessential forms of folk art.


katahdin photo

Mt. Katahdin Photo
This lean-to campsite scene in Maine's Baxter State Park shows two men looking over at Pamola Peak on Mount Katahdin, the state's highest mountain. It has the soft tones typical of color photography in the era when prints were partially hand-colored to enhance the palette of early color film.
Circa 1930
10.5" w, 15" h

What's to love: The young man with binocs and a nearby walking stick looks ready and eager to hike, while the older man seems poised to hang back at base camp.



Handmade Squirrel Shelves
Squirrel silhouettes form the back splash for the half-round ledges of these wooden shelves. Each has a clear varnish finish, and the squirrels have a painted ivory eye and a black acorn. These can function as wall shelves to display a tiny object, or otherwise they just make fun wall or table ornaments.
Circa 1950
4.37" w, 2.5" d, 5" h

What's to love: How the acorns are proffered in the squirrels' paws looks like they are gifting the acorns to one another, which is not their typical food hoarding behavior!


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