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cedar chairs

Set of Four Rustic Cedar Chairs
This porch or dining set includes three side chairs and one arm chair. Each chair has a cedar pole frame and hardwood slat backs and seats. The arm chair has wide arm rests that are supported by cedar poles.
Circa 1920
Arm chair: 29" w, 27" d, 39" h
Side chairs: 20" w, 22" d, 37.5" h

What's to love
: The unusual legs that rest on chamfered feet which highlight the contrast between the cedar's reddish inner wood and its dark outer bark.


hickory side table

Indiana Hickory
Cocktail Table
This cocktail table has a hickory pole base with a set of upper stretchers, crossed bottom stretchers, and a 5-board round pine top. Made by Indiana Willow Products Company Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
28" diameter top, 22.5" h

What's to love
: It is a nice height -- lower than a lamp table, higher than a coffee table -- for placing beside or between chairs to hold drinks, snacks and reading material.


burl bowl

Native American Burl Bowl
This small free-edge hewn elm bowl is a classic Northeastern Native American utilitarian object. It retains an excellent time-burnished surface.
Circa 1850
5.5" diameter, 3" h

What's to love
: The grain pattern of elm burl is very appealing.


andirons set

Andirons and Fire Tools Set
A fantastic matched set of Arts & Crafts wrought iron andirons and fire tools. The andirons have spiral, twist and tendril details, and tulip-shaped tops. The fire tool set includes a stand, tongs, poker and shovel. The tools have twist shafts and coil tops. All are in sturdy condition.
Circa 1890
Andirons: 9" w, 20.5" d, 28" h
Fire tool stand: 37" high, 12" deep, 12" wide

What's to love
: The intricacy of the blacksmith's elaborate handiwork.


horn mount

horn mount

Mounted Game Horns
Both of these sets of horns are from African species, perhaps ungulate relatives of antelopes. Each is mounted on a shield-shape wooden backboard for display.
Circa 1900
Top: 9.75" w, 7" d, 27: h
Bottom: 12" w, 11" d, 20" h

What's to love
: The ridged textures look like skillful wood turnings.


wicker candle stands

Pair of Wicker Stands
Each of these stands has a square woven tower base and a round wooden top. The polychrome 5-pointed stars on each top add an unusual decorative touch. They are weathered but perfectly functional.
Circa 1930
12" diameter tops, 30.75" h

What's to love
: Picturing these on a covered porch holding a candle lantern on either side of a door.


widker demilunes

Pair of Wicker Demilunes
A pair of high-quality wicker tables with tripod wrapped legs and braided trim. They are painted in a green, black and mulberry color scheme (the paint on one has been restored).
Circa 1930
25" w, 16" d, 30.5" h

What's to love
: Demilunes always add elegance to a room.


hickory rocking chair

Old Hickory Rocking Chair
This early chair is stamped Old Hickory Chair Company, and has a hickory pole frame, spindled sides, and its original woven hickory bark seat and back - all in great condition.
Circa 1910
25.5" w, 31" d, 34.5" h

What's to love
: How the side spindles extend all the way down to the top stretcher rather than ending at the seat as they did in later versions of this form.


antler salt & pepper

Antler Salt & Pepper Shakers
Cobalt blue glass bottles are inset into segments of animal antlers to create functional salt and pepper shakers that have a rustic appeal.
4" h

What's to love
: Their slightly irregular enhances their straight-from-nature appearance.


moose plaque

Relief Carved Moose Plaque
This thick piece of pine is relief carved to create a shoreline and lake landscape that includes a canoe and a bull moose. The scene is well-painted with the edges left bare to serve as a frame. It is indistinctly inscribed with the artist's name on the back.
Circa 1940
15" w, 10" h

What's to love
: How it captures the graceful prance of a moose being suddenly come upon in shallow water by a canoe.


hickory table

Old Hickory Side Table
This form is called "Chestnut Coffee Table" in the 1941 Old Hickory catalog. It has a four-board top, wavy-edge plank legs and a four-board lower shelf.
Circa 1940
30" w, 20" d, 16" h

What's to love
: It is made entirely from salvaged American chestnut trees.


twig frame

Twig Easel Frame
Multiple twigs form the main body and easel back of this rustic frame, as well as its embellishments. Each twig has touches of gold paint decoration. It holds a photo that slides in from an opening on the left side.
Circa 1920
11.5" w, 20" h

What's to love
: An easel frame gives a special photo an air of distinction.


beaver carving

Carved Beaver Wall Art
A skillfully painted background sets the scene of a lakeshore lined with birch trees, while a carved and applied beaver takes center stage in the foreground. The beaver-felled birch logs are also carved and applied. It is signed on the back by a Quebec "sculpteur."
Circa 1930
12" w, 7.75" h

What's to love
: This piece of Canadian folk art pays homage to its industrious national animal.


wicker lamps

Pair of Wicker Lamps
These outstanding wicker lamps match the summer-cottage green color scheme of the demilunes. Each has a pull-chain and one bulb socket. They have been rewired, and the shades' fabric lining and glass bead drops have been restored.
Circa 1930
20" diameter shade, 27" h

What's to love
: How the flaring v-shape of the shades perfectly echoes the triangular base shape.


double blade paddle

Double-Blade Canoe Paddle
This petite pine paddle is a rare form that was perhaps a child's paddle. It retains its original decal from the Kennebec Canoe Company of Waterville, Maine which was in business from 1909-1941.
Circa 1915
5.5" w, 60" h

What's to love
: In the heyday of leisure canoeing around the turn of the 20th century, double-blade paddles were a popular way to propel a small canoe.


trout litho

Trout Lithograph on Canvas
This portrait of a fisherman's catch depicts a sizable brook trout on a shore beside the rod that caught it. It is marked Colton, Zahm & Roberts, NY (lower right), print makers who were known for their high-quality chromolithographs. It is mounted on canvas and stretched on a wooden frame.
Circa 1870

20" w, 14" h

What's to love
: It has the presence of an original painting at a fraction of the cost.


bass plaque

Folk Art Bass Plaque
A single piece of wood is relief carved to form the central fish and the wide border, and strips of picture molding are tacked to the two side edges. The portrait is titled on the front "Mother Bass and Family" and signed and dated on the back, all in classic early 20th century style penmanship.
Dated 1914
18.75" w, 14" h

What's to love
: Never mind that the female bass would have abandoned her nest after laying eggs, leaving the male to guard her tens of thousands of offspring, this artwork still conveys a quaintly quirky family sentiment.


owl planter

Metal Owl Planter
The round, pot metal body of this footed planter has a basketry texture, and each side has an applied open-winged owl perched on an oak branch. There are three holes in the bottom for drainage.
Circa 1880
8.75" w, 7.5" d, 7.5" h

What's to love
: Pairing owls with plants would make an evocative nature vignette.


antler hat rack

Antler Hat Rack
The wooden backboard of this Black Forest piece holds several antlers whose prongs make natural hooks for hanging hats, jackets, accessories and paraphernalia.
Circa 1890
19" w, 10" d, 17" h

What's to love
: The warm, burnished surface of the antlers.


tennis racket

Rare Tennis Racket
This Spalding tennis racket has an extremely rare handle shape which is a variant of a bulbous form. It retains its original strings and decal.
Circa 1890
9.5" w, 26.5" h

What's to love
: Discovering a racket shape that even someone as expert as Jeff's mom (a tennis historian) had never documented.

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