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August 2018

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iron shelf

Iron Faux Bois Standing Shelves
A very appealing shelf unit with a quality, heavy cast iron frame and two 2-board shelves. All of the iron frame pieces have an embossed bark design that mimics tree twigs.
Mid-20th century
54" w, 14" d, 37" h

What's to love: The scrolled ends and center brass medallions on the side braces give this shelf a classical flair.


old hickory ranch settee

Old Hickory Ranch Settee
This uncommon design appears in the 1942 Old Hickory catalog as the "Two-Passenger Ranch House Settee," part of a furniture line designed with expansive western lodges in mind. It has a sturdy hickory pole frame and its original herringbone hickory bark weave on the seat, apron and back panels that is in excellent condition. This is a comfortable, deep settee with rounded and angled back panels that make it easy to sink into, especially as its depth easily accommodates soft throw pillows. It is branded Old Hickory Furniture Company Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
46" w, 30" d, 35" h (seat is 42" w, 19" d, 16.5" h)

What's to love: The woven apron and separate, curved back panels distinguish this design from the regular two-seat hickory settees that more commonly appear on the market.


frogs needlepoint

Frogs & Dragonflies Needlepoint
This needlepoint panel features two bullfrogs on lily pads surrounded by flying dragonflies and water lily blossoms. It is mounted on a linen-over-wood frame for hanging.

What's to love: Although this is not a complete landscape rendering, it does a good job of evoking a lively scene that we've encountered numerous times while paddling through the shallow ends of lakes.


porch furniture

Three-Piece Porch Furniture Set
This graceful set includes a settee, arm chair and rocking chair, all with curved arms and spindled panels. These are a classic furniture design for late-19th century porches and parlors of seasonal homes and resorts. The back and seat panels have been reupholstered with Sunbrella fabric.
Circa 1880
Settee: 51" w, 21" d, 43" h
Chair: 24" w, 22" d, 42" h
Rocker: 24" w, 34" d, 39" h

What's to love: It is easy to picture genteel ladies in white dresses and billowing hats and gentlemen in knickers and flat caps sipping iced tea while sitting in these chairs on a porch overlooking a croquet lawn or country club green.


black forest wall rack

Black Forest Wall Hooks
The horizontal and vertical pieces of this wall rack are carved in a stylized tree bark pattern. The horizontal piece also holds three large and two small iron hooks for hanging clothing or accessories. Its crowning flourish is a single piece of wood carved into seven fanned oak leaves, with two acorns carved atop the lower leaves. A petite set of stag antlers decorates the center of the leaf array.
Circa 1890
28" w, 12.5" h

What's to love: This accessory evokes the atmosphere of a Bavarian hunting lodge in which the decor reflects the surrounding forest.


bass mount

Smallmouth Bass Case Mount
This bass is mounted in a rising position, having just been hooked by the fly in its mouth. The lively painted background emphasizes water movement around the active fish emerging from a shallow water lily bay where bass are likely to be found. The frame is grain-painted, and back panel is signed with a fanciful monogram by the taxidermy artist.
Dated 1914
24" w, 17" h

What's to love: Despite its name, this smallmouth is demonstrating that the species actually has a fairly big gape.


old hickory footstool

Rustic Hickory Stool
This sturdy foot or perching stool has three layers of hickory pole stretchers. The top has been newly rewoven with fiber splint in a herringbone pattern. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, LaPorte, Indiana.
Circa 1920
18.75” w, 12.5” d, 17” high,

What's to love: This stool is tall enough to use as a chairside stand, either as-is for newspapers and books, or with a tray for drinks and snacks.


dog painting

Hunting Dogs Painting
A crisp rendering of two hunting dogs combing the shoreline of a lake or pond. This oil on artist's board has a rich and well-balanced color scheme: crystal blue water, deep green vegetation, and a birch tree whose bark echoes the dogs' coats. The wood frame has a deep outer moulding and several inner liners.
14.5" w, 11" h

What's to love: Both the setter and the pointer seem to be doing their jobs, one alert to sights and sounds, the other to smells.


old hickory magazine holder

Old Hickory Magazine Holder

This hickory pole magazine holder features 5-spindle side panels, a slightly curved handle, and small foot risers. Its narrow V-shaped design makes it easy to tuck next to a reading chair.
Circa 1940
17" w, 14" d, 21.5" h

What's to love: Good Old Hickory accessories are relatively uncommon so it is always a pleasure to acquire one to offer for sale.


the hemlocks sign

Early Cottage Sign
This excellent example of a gilt-lettered, sand surfaced wooden sign has cut corners that add an additional touch of refinement. With perfectly proportioned lettering, this sign would have been created by a professional sign painter.
28" w, 7.5" h

What's to love: Imagining towering hemlocks surrounding a cottage whose owners declared them its namesake.


trout painting

Trout Painting
A nice little oil on artist's board depicting an underwater brook trout approaching a hook and fly. It is in its original gilt frame (minor losses to filigree).
Circa 1900
18" w, 10" h

What's to love: The flashy polychrome spots of brook trout make them an appealing subject for painted fish portraits.


birch bark log holder

Birch Bark Kindling Holder
This Penobscot Indian-made kindling/newspaper/magazine holder has a birch bark body and a cedar frame. The sides are topped with twigwork trellis panels. It is in excellent condition.
Circa 1920
21.5" w, 14.5" d, 20" h

What's to love: Native tribes adapted traditional canoe-building materials—birch bark and cedar—to create home accessories that would appeal to rusticators visiting Maine's tourist areas in the early 20th century.


antler candle holders

Pair of Antler Candle Holders
These candle holders have an elegantly simple design and three-piece construction, made entirely of stag antlers. They have a very appealing aged patina.
Circa 1890
Each: 3.5" diameter base, 10" h

What's to love: The combination of antlers holding beeswax or tallow evokes the earliest applications of human ingenuity that led to using the natural materials at hand to create functional lighting.


moose hooked rug

Moose Hooked Rug
This original design is hooked in wool to depict a moose crossing a shallow river towards a campsite with two ducks flying overhead. The rug shows signs of use but the pictorial scene remains vivid. It has been professionally mounted for hanging.
Circa 1930
38" w, 19" h

What's to love: The naive rendering of perspective conveyed by the relative sizes of the moose, ducks and teepee.


rustic bench

Long Rustic Bench
This substantial wood (probably hard pine) bench has three thick boards with rounded outer edges comprising the seat, and the base is constructed of natural trunks and branches.
Circa 1930-50
8' long, 20" d, 16.5" h

What's to love: It is perfect for a long hallway or porch, or to provide seating along one side of a dining table.

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