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JULY 2019

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rustic table

Rustic Center Table
This sturdy, well-constructed table has a bark-on cedar pole pedestal base and mosaic half-round branch rod trim around the octagonal top and cross-shaped feet. The smooth hardwood panels on the top center provide a flat surface for a lamp, and create a nice textural contrast with the cedar table components.
Circa 1920
24" diameter top, 28" h

What's to love
: It has a hefty yet compact appearance and is practical for everyday use as a component of rustic room decor.


old hickory ottoman

Old Hickory Ottoman
This ottoman was featured on the cover of the 1942 Old Hickory catalog (see photos) and is not a form we come across very often. It is constructed entirely of hickory poles, and has arched support stretchers in each of the four side panels. This one can be used as-is or topped with a replacement cushion (ready-made patio furniture cushions available online would work).
Circa 1940
24" w, 21.5" d, 13" h

What's to love
: This piece would also make an interesting low coffee table by adding a square, rectangular or round glass top, or topped with a big tray.


fox carving

Fox Relief Carving
This is a single, thick, shield-shaped wooden board that is relief carved to create images of a red fox and tree trunks against a painted landscape background. Painted details nicely complement the carved details.
Circa 1940
8" w, 12" h

What's to love
: The fluffy-tailed fox's resting yet alert pose.


fishermen photo

Early Fishermen Photo
These two gentlemen, perhaps a father and son, were presumably fishing partners who are proud of their catch. The fish hanging from a bamboo walking stick include northern pike and yellow perch. It is signed by the photographer in the lower right corner and is in its original mat and frame that has a Philadelphia gallery label on the back.
Circa 1900
13.75" w, 16.25" h

What's to love
: The spiffy men's sporting attire of the time period.


carved trout stringer

Carved Trout Stringer
This carving was done about 40 years ago by Maine artist Joe Neale. There are three brook trout (small, medium and large) hanging by stringers from a twig hook. The twig frame is also handmade by the carver, and it has a birch bark covered backboard.
Circa 1980
13" w, 3" d, 29" h

What's to love
: Although we don't typically offer contemporary art, this came from an estate where it blended well with the antique rustic pieces, so we're making an exception to offer this quality, artisan-made carving.


rustic burl chair

burl stand

Sculptural Rustic Furniture
Both of these pieces came from the collection of a prominent Americana antiques dealer (now retired) who sought out unique rustic furniture as folk art. The chair has a tree knot seat, a hewn plank back, and branch tripod legs. Can you sit in it? Yes. Would you want to sit in it? Not for long! The side table has a root burl handle, a thick tree slab table top, and a sinuous branch and vine base.
Circa 1900
Chair: 21.5" w, 21" d, 35.5" h
Table: 29" w, 24" d, 36" h

What's to love
: The chair makes an interesting, slightly functional (e.g., a perch for tying your sneakers) corner sculpture, and the side table has the presence of an animate creature that could walk away at any moment, or maybe strike up a conversation when you sit down beside it.

Chair - $395
Table - $395

Stickley rocking chair

Arts & Crafts Rocking Chair
This dark stained oak rocking chair is a classic Mission/Arts & Crafts era design, with wide arm rests and multiple side slats. It retains its original leather cushions, but they are currently in rough (i.e., unusable) condition. This is a high-quality chair made by L. & J. G. Stickley.
Circa 1900
30" w, 36" d, 38" h

What's to love
: Seeing the original caramel leather against the dark oak is great inspiration for reupholstery.


Stickley side table

L. & J.G. Stickley Stand
This is a rare rustic rendition of an Arts & Crafts stand. Unlike a typical oak version of this form, this one is made from live-edge softwood. It appears in the L. & J.G. Stickley catalog for "The Onondaga Shops" in Fayetteville, N.Y.
Circa 1902
14" square, 22" h

What's to love
: This form was advertised as a plant stand and would still work well as such.


antler hooks

Antler Wall Hooks / Fishing Rod Rack
Each of these sets of Black Forest wall hooks has a scalloped wooden backboard and three antler prongs. They can be used individually to hang hats, or together to form a rack to hold three fishing rods.
Circa 1900
Each 3" w, 4.25" d, 24" h

What's to love
: Taking advantage of the natural shape of antler tips to form functional wall hooks.


old hickory side table

Old Hickory Occasional Table
This small table has a hickory pole base with cross stretchers and a round oak top. Eight arched hickory poles provide extra support and design flair as corner braces beneath the table top. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
24" diameter top, 17.5" h

What's to love
: It is an uncommon and appealing size and shape for a hickory side table.


marquetry lamp

Marquetry Floor Lamp
Inlaid wood strips in alternating light and dark shades create the striped pattern of the shaft and base of this tall floor lamp. It holds two light bulbs and has a square linen shade (with some wear).
Circa 1920
22" square shade, 70" h

What's to love
: Its height provides an opportunity for a higher-than-average layer of room lighting to complement table, wall sconce and overhead lighting layers.


logger's plaque

Relief Carved Lumberjack Diorama
A scene of two lumberjacks using a crosscut saw to segment a tree trunk is created from carved and painted components applied within a shadowbox frame that has a painted landscape background. The back identifies the Quebec carver as J. LeRoy, and it has a Canadian souvenir sticker.
Circa 1940
9.75" w, 7.25" h

What's to love
: The precision of the carvings and clever assembly.


decorated canoe paddle

Paint Decorated Canoe Paddle
Both sides of this paddle's blade are decorated with red scalloping along the edges and a black and gold tadpole-like form down the center. The handle is also decorated with black and red paint.
6.5" w, 55" l

What's to love
: It is always fun to see how a canoeist personalized his or her own paddle with a unique design.


hickory footstool

Indiana Hickory Footstool
The front and back of this rectangular hickory footstool have a multi-spindled panel, and the top retains its original herringbone rattan cane weaving that extends over the upper half of each side. It is branded Indiana Hickory Furniture Company, Colfax, Indiana.
Circa 1930
16" w, 12" d, 10.5" h

What's to love
: The herringbone weave, woven side aprons and spindled panels are all attractive, uncommon hickory footstool features.


weird wood lamp

Weird Wood Table Lamp
This lamp has a round wooden base shaft, three small round feet and a new burlap shade. "Weird wood" is the term used for a type of turned woodcraft, sold in many forms as rustic souvenirs, which left the bark partially intact on each finished piece. It has been rewired.
Circa 1930
10" diameter shade, 16" h

What's to love
: Its classic rusticity!


miniature pack basket

Miniature Pack Basket
A model pack basket this is constructed of ash splint, just like full-size pack baskets. It also has accurate webbing straps and a metal buckle.
Circa 1930-40
4.5” w, 3.5” d, 4.5” h

What's to love
: This is an authentic old Adirondack souvenir, not a mass-produced copy.

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