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beaded bag

Native American Beaded Flat Bag
This stunning bag has an intricate floral front panel worked in tiny, multi-color seed beads, and a hide back, handle and fringe. The interior is lined with cotton fabric replete with playing cards images.This is a traditional form of carrying pouch made by indigenous Plateau cultures - this one is probably Nez Perce, a people of the Columbia River Plateau in the Pacific Northwest.
Circa 1930
11.5" w, 25" h

What's to love: The incredible craftsmanship demonstrated in the design, color scheme, and execution of the beadwork.


black forest jewelry box

Black Forest Jewelry Box
This handsome box is an exquisite example of meticulous Swiss mosaic twig work. Each twig is chamfered and tightly fit to create a log cabin effect on the front, sides and top. The roof panels open to a top compartment and the two doors open to six felt-lined drawers, all of which are ideal for storing jewelry. (Most likely it was originally made for cigars given the ventilation holes under the replacement felt.) The box has filigree brass hinges and hasps with its original key, and the drawer pulls and back plates are also high-quality brass hardware.
Circa 1920
13.25" w, 8.75" d, 15" h

What's to love: It is an attractive architectural cabin model that is also very functional.


bird embossed litho
bird embossed lithos

Bird Diorama Lithographs
The birds in each of these lithographs have a dimensional profile created with paper that is shaped and slightly raised above the background. One features a pair of shorebirds and the other a pair of mallards. They retain their original mats and gilt-lined rosewood veneer frames (some minor chipping).
Circa 1890
26.75" w, 23" h

What's to love: The clever technique for making the birds stand proud of their background habitats.


old hickory chairs

Pair of Old Hickory Arm Chairs
This uncommon form of tall, slat-back arm chair has spindled side panels and flat arm rests. The frames are hickory poles and the back slats and arm rests are maple. The seats have new upholstery webbing and tufted outdoor cushions. Both are branded Old Hickory Martinsville, Indiana on a back leg.
Circa 1930
28" w, 28" d, 46" h

What's to love: They are comfortable as well as good looking.


hickory sofa

Rustic Hickory Sofa
This spacious sofa has a hickory pole frame with spindled side panels and front apron, and springs beneath the seat - an uncommon, comfort-enhancing feature of upholstered hickory furniture, which in itself is rare. The cushions have zippered covers that are intact with some fading. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, LaPorte, Indiana, with remnants of a paper label.
Circa 1940
70" w, 40" d, 40" h

What's to love: It is deep enough to accommodate a gaggle of kids/grandkids/throw pillows.


old hickory nesting tables

Old Hickory Nesting Tables
This set includes three side tables that nest, creating a 3-in-1 occasional table unit. Each sturdy table has a hickory pole base with two layers of stretchers and an oak top. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
Large: 21" w, 14" d, 25" h
Medium: 16.5" w, 12" d, 22" h
Small: 12.5" w, 10.5" d, 19" h

What's to love: The convenience of having multiple chair-side tables available for drinks and snacks when entertaining which can then be neatly tucked back away.


cottage mirror

Decorated Cottage Mirror
This mirror has a heavy, high-quality oak frame with a beaded liner and its original, perfectly-aged bevelled looking glass. It is paint-decorated with graceful burgundy nasturtium blossoms and round, blue-gray leaves.
Circa 1900
24.5" w, 24.5" h

What's to love: How the painted trailing leaves spill over onto the mirror near the upper left corner.


asparagus sign

Farm Stand Sign

Eye-catching lettering advertising a favorite early summer vegetable was no doubt designed to lure passersby to stop at a roadside produce stand. It is hand painted on a plywood panel and newly housed in a black painted wooden frame.
Circa 1950
47" w, 11.5" h

What's to love: The zippy red and black color scheme.


pussywillow painting

Ode to Spring
This small oil on artist's board depicts interlaced branches of several pussy willow plants, capturing the different forms and developmental stages of their flowers: the iconic cotton-like pre-emergent male flower tufts, their later pollen-covered open flowers, and two female flower catkins. It is in its original deeply-layered gilt frame which perfectly complements the painting.
Circa 1870
Frame: 8.75" w, 18.25" h
Sight: 3.75" w, 6.25" h

What's to love: The magnified focus of the composition demonstrates that the artist was a close observer of nature, but also one who was able to convey the hopefulness contained in one of the earliest signs of spring awakening.


braided rugs

Scalloped Braided Rug
This small accent rug is a perfect size for accenting the area under a side table, or it can even be used as a center mat for a large table (which is how it was being displayed when we found it). It is braided with strands of wool felt in shades of black, gray, red, and green.
Circa 1940
39.5" diameter

What's to love: Scalloped-edge and circle-within-circle braided rugs are a northern design vernacular that turns up especially in Maine.


rustic table

Rustic Table
The peeled cedar pole base of this table has a classic rustic design with three-pole fans and straight and arched stretchers in the apron area beneath the top on each side. The surface is an appealing hue of golden brown.
Circa 1940
30.75" w, 18.75" d, 29" h

What's to love
: Its wider-than-deep rectangular shape works either as a small console against a wall, or as a lamp table between two chairs or a sofa and chair.


bird plaques

Trio of Painted Bird Plaques
The three species gracing these plaques are raptors, doves, and kingfishers. Each of the birds is well-painted and shown with appropriate backgrounds. Like canvas and artist's board, round papier-mâché plaques were available at artist supply stores in the 19th century; one of these has an Albany, NY art supply store label. There is indistinct handwriting on the backs which, based on many others of this form that we've seen, are probably gift inscriptions. They have an age-crazed surface and some minor paint loss along the edges.
Circa 1885
26.75" w, 23" h

What's to love: These can be considered "love birds" as all three species are depicted in mated pairs.


moose carving

Moose Carving
A stately bull moose stands on a pedestal that is carved to look like a patch of ground with an emergent tree stump. This animal sculpture is signed by Denis Dubé, a member of the famed Dubé family of carvers from the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli region of Quebec which has been known for its tradition of folk carving since the early 1900s.
Circa 1950
13" w, 7" d, 14.5" h

What's to love: How the darker wood stain that seeped into the carved grooves on the body of the moose creates the texture of fur.


painted canoe paddles

Pair of Child's Canoe Paddles

These two well-made canoe paddles replicate the design of full-size paddles, with comfortable rounded grips and center ridges on the upper portion of the blades. They were likely made for actual use by youngsters, but the jaunty blue and gray paint decoration gives them great decorative appeal as well
Circa 1930
6.75" w, 42.5" h

What's to love: Envisioning pint-sized canoeists practicing their strokes with these classy paddles.

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