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rustic hickory rocking chair

Early Old Hickory Rocking Chair
This rocking chair has a hickory pole frame with double stretchers and spindled arm panels. It retains its original hickory bark weave on the seat and back which is in good, sturdy condition. Branded Old Hickory Chair Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1920
23" w, 31" d, 35" h

What's to love: This early design is a tried and true Old Hickory classic.


canoe paddles

Decorative Canoe Paddles
These paddles range in shape and style, but each one has its own unique, decorative appeal. All but the child's paddle are fully or partially painted, and one retains an old maker's label. Together they form a ready-made collection for wall display.

What's to love: How authentic, old canoe paddles evoke a history of adventure.

Child's paddle, circa 1930, 36" h - SOLD

Pair of red & grey paddles, circa 1940, 60" h - SOLD

Green & salmon paddle, circa 1920, 60" h - $150

Gray narrow blade paddle, circa 1900, 60" h - $55

"Page Brand" green handle paddle, circa 1920, 54.5" h - $145

birch bark frame

Birch Bark Frame
Penobscot Indians made frames from birch bark to sell to rusticators and local homeowners in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. This rectangular frame is in mint condition with all of its sweet grass edging intact. The top has a slot in the back for inserting a picture behind the glass.
Circa 1900
5" w, 7" h; 2" x 3.5" opening

What's to love: The appeal of aged birch bark surrounding just the right treasured image.


pair of frames

Pair of Handmade Frames
The chamfered edges of these quality handmade frames, including the raised squares in each corner, are highlighted with two tones of stain. They have a back rabbet so are ready for adding matted artwork or photos to display vertically or horizontally.
Circa 1880
19" x 22" exterior; 11.75" x 14.375" rabbet

What's to love: A matched pair of frames doubles the options for decorative display.


fish china

Fish China
A platter, four plates and a gravy boat are decorated with images of freshwater fish on an ivory background and rimmed in pale mint green. They are stamped "Woods Ivory Ware England" and the plates are mounted in plate holders for display.
Circa 1930
Platter: 14" w, 11" h; Plates: 8.75" diameter; Gravy boat: 8" long

What's to love: The squared edges of the plates make them especially appealing.


vintage skiing photos

Vintage Skiing Photos
A set of black-and-white photos capture images of people skiing in various settings, including in the Adirondacks of North Creek, NY and the White Mountains.
Circa 1930
9"-11" w, 9"-12" h

What's to love: It is fun to remember how people enjoyed the sport with simple equipment and wool garb before high-tech advances and high-style fashion ruled the slopes.


toy collage

Vintage Toy Assemblage
This wall display includes 40 toy bowling pins, a tricolor child's rolling hoop, and a custom-made display shelf. The pins are secured to the shelf (but are lift-off removable) with "quake hold" museum putty.
Circa 1950
30" diameter hoop, each pin 4.5" h

What's to love: The multi-color dynamism of the whole display.


wire cage

Wire Cricket Bait Cage
This handy cage would have been used for keeping and transporting crickets to use as fishing bait. It has a metal top, a bail handle, a wire mesh body and a wooden bottom that is stamped by the maker "L & J Cage Company Kalamazoo, Michigan."
Circa 1930
7.5" diameter, 11" h

What's to love: It is an uncommon and attractive piece to display alongside other fishing collectibles such as minnow buckets.



birch side table

Adirondack Woven-top Birch Stand
The base of this side table is made from luminous yellow birch poles, and the unique top has an overlay of woven birch bark, a technique we'd never before seen on antique Adirondack furniture.
Circa 1930
19" w, 12.5" d, 16.75" h

What's to love: How a meticulous craftsman notched the strips of birch bark so that they fit tightly together in a woven design.


trout plaque

Relief Carved Trout Plaque

An artist transformed a single piece of wood into a carved brook trout with an integral backboard. The background is decorated with aquatic plants, and the outer edge is painted maroon to mimic an applied frame.
Circa 1940
16.5" w, 7.5" h

What's to love: The folky exaggeration of the amazing multi-color spotted beauty of a brook trout in real life.


canoeing photos

Vintage Boating Photos
These black-and-white photos depict people enjoying being on the water in boats. The top photo shows a man and woman in a "pleasure boat" (possibly a Rushton) on Lake George in the Adirondacks (back of photo says "Lake George Sept. 8,1891"), and the bottom photo shows guides with loaded wood-and-canvas trip canoes having just safely lined around a small falls.

What's to love: They're a bit of watercraft history, framed up and ready to display.

Top photo, dated 1891, 13.5" w, 10" h - SOLD
Bottom photo, circa 1910m 17" w, 12" h - SOLD

giant lure

Sporting Store Display Lure
This is a gigantic (relatively speaking) fishing lure mounted on a thick live-edge board. The torpedo-shaped lure is painted white and red, and has two three-pronged hooks attached.
Circa 1950
24" w, 10" h (backboard)

What's to love: Although this was made for display, those hooks are seriously real!


Old hickory hoop arm chair

Old Hickory Hoop Arm Chair
The hickory pole frame of this chair has double stretchers and triple arm hoops. It retains its original rattan cane open weave seat and back, all in excellent condition. Branded Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville Indiana.
Dated (on a Bruce tag) 1936
27.5" w, 25" d, 35" h

What's to love: This attractive form never goes out of style.


rustic side table

Rustic Side Table
This handy side table has a magazine rack built into its base. A neat row of picket-shaped twigs forms an apron beneath the top, and are vertically reversed to form the case of the magazine holder below.
Circa 1920
21" w, 12.5" d, 23" h

What's to love: The amazing crackelure finish that creates a snakeskin-like geometric pattern on all of the apron and base elements.


fish plaque

Carved Leaping Trout
A plump carved trout appearing to leap from a stream is applied to a round wooden backboard. It was likely made by an angler as a celebration of a favorite game fish.
Circa 1940
8.5" diameter

What's to love: How the artist integrated a painted lake-outlet background with the trout in the foreground.


elk plaque

Relief Carved Elk Plaque
This tall plaque is a single piece of wood. The center is carved with the outline of an elk standing against a forest, and has etched plant details at the elk's feet. The frame-like edge is chamfered and decorated with pyrography oak leaves.
Circa 1900
15.5" w, 30" h

What's to love: The way the elk's antlers mingle with the tree branches evokes how the graphic artist M.C. Escher played with perspective.

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