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black forest bear umbrella stand

Black Forest Bear Sculpture
In the scale of Black Forest carvings, this is a very large bear. It is well carved with an expressive face that has glass eyes and a realistic tongue and teeth. The bear holds an oval carved branch ring that can corral hiking sticks or umbrellas in a metal pan that is inset into the base.
Circa 1890
16" w, 18" d, 33.5" h

What's to love: How this sculpture portrays a bear as simultaneously fierce and polite.


trout painting

Leaping Trout Painting
This oil on canvas depicts a brook trout hooked on a fly vigorously leaping from a pool. It is signed (lower right) by the artist Wm. E. Mellen. It is housed in a fabulous gilt frame with raised acorn and oak leaf decoration on a honeycomb ground.
Frame size: 19.75" w, 16" h; Sight size: 14.75" w, 11" h
Circa 1910

What's to love: The shoreline background is also well detailed.


crowell miniatures

Crowell Miniature Mergansers
These two miniature duck carvings depict a male and female Red-breasted Merganser, and were created by celebrated decoy carver A. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) of East Harwich, Mass. They are finely carved and painted with precision, exhibiting all of the attributes that make Crowell's carvings so desirable. Both are in excellent condition and stamped on the bottom "A. E. Crowell - Maker - East Harwich, Mass."
Circa 1920-30
Male: 5.75" long, 2.25" w, 3" h; Female: 4.75" long, 2" w,  2.25" h

What's to love: Both their active pose and the gleam in their eyes give these birds a vivacious quality.


squirrel carving

Masterful Squirrel Carving

This is a skillfully executed sculpture of a squirrel holding a nut. It is a fairly large carving with fine gouge-carved detailing. It has been mounted on a cedar log base for display.
Circa 1920
Squirrel: 11" long, 2.5" d, 8" h; Base: 12" long x 4" d, 2.5" h

What's to love: Its arched tail looks as fluffy as real fur.



Four Ceramic Gartenzwerge
These terracotta German Gartenzwerge, or garden gnomes, are graduated in size (including a rare tall version) and retain their original paint - an uncommon attribute. All have classic pointy red caps, two have pipes, one holds a basket (with a drainage hole for a small planting), and one holds a bowl. Each artist designing gnomes in the German state of Thuringia in the early 20th century had a distinctive style, particularly in the sculpting and painting of gnome faces. These four gnomes are attributed to designer Carl Nuechter and all are stamped GERMANY. They add cheerful nature spirit to gardens, porches, hearths, or shelves.
Circa 1930
Tall gnome with pipe: 12" x 12" base, 29" h
Medium gnome with pipe: 14" x 8" base, 23" h
Medium gnome with basket: 10" x 7.5" base, 22" h
Short gnome with bowl: 8" x 5" base, 17.5" h

What's to love: Legend has it that gnomes have magical powers, and although they turn to stone in daylight, at night they come back to life and do garden chores. Maybe they'd do after-dark housework if kept indoors.


owl rug

Owl Hooked Rug
Three owls perched on branches peer out of a forest with a midnight sky backdrop. This yarn-hooked rug is in excellent condition and has been mounted for hanging.
Circa 1945
37.75" w, 23" h

What's to love: The dramatic royal blue and black background.


rustic hat stand

Expressive Hat Tree
An early and unique rustic hat tree comprising a branching tree top mounted on a turned post that is set into a four-faced pyramidal based. Each natural branch tip has a turned knob on its end to accommodate hanging hats or coats.
Circa 1890
33" w, 13" d, 59.5" h

What's to love: Its presence is as lively as windswept branches.


habitant table, hickory chairs

Habitant Dining Table + Hickory Chairs
This rustic dining table has a peeled cedar pole sawbuck base and a pine top with breadboard ends. The top is stamped on the underside "'Habitant' Bay City, Mich." The four sturdy dining chairs have hickory pole frames with arched stretchers, and their original fiber splint weave on the aprons as well as in the diamond pattern weave on the seats and backs. They are made by Indiana Willow Products Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1945
Table: 6' long, 30" w, 29.5" h
Chairs: 19" w, 23" d, 36" h

What's to love: Although made by different companies, the chairs and table work exceptionally well together as a rustic dining set.

faux bois bird bath

Carved Stone Faux Bois Bird Bath
This incredible bird bath is hand carved from three pieces of limestone forming a basin, pedestal, and base. The basin and base are carved to appear as half logs complete with tree rings on the ends, and the pedestal has the shape and texture of a tree trunk. It is one of the finest garden ornaments we've owned, and would be equally at home in a formal or informal garden.
Circa 1890
30" w, 17" d, 35" h

What's to love: The realistic portrayal of bark grain, branch knots, and patches of split bark.


rustic hickory settee

Rustic Hickory Woven Arm Settee
This early three-seat settee has a hickory pole frame with double stretchers, and it retains its original herringbone weave, including on the gracefully curved arm panels. It is shown in the 1926 Rustic Hickory Furniture Company (LaPorte, Indiana) catalog as "No. 70 Settee." This came directly from a lakeside log vacation home that was built and furnished in 1927 (see photos).
Circa 1926
81" w, 27.5" d, 35.5" h

What's to love: This is an uncommon, classic, handsome form in wonderful condition.


rustic hickory taborets

Pair of Rustic Hickory Taborets
These tables, a matching pair, have hickory pole bases with double stretchers and square oak tops. They are a rare find in excellent condition. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, LaPorte, Indiana.
Circa 1926
16" w, 16" d, 21.5" h

What's to love: These small tables are perfect for the ends of a sofa, or to pull up flexibly as coffee/cocktail tables (see photos for this use in their original log cabin home).


pair of faux bois lamps

Pair of Faux Bois Table Lamps
These tall mid-century gypsum lamps were cast in the shape of branching tree trunks and hand painted to evoke bark, branch knots, and peeled wood. They have been rewired and have new paper shades.
Circa 1950
16" w, 9" d, 32.75" h (to top of shade)

What's to love: The lamps' twig-like matching finials.


muskie carving

Muskie Carving
An excellent folk carving of a muskellunge (the state fish of Wisconsin). It captures the muskie's torpedo-shaped body and elongated duck-billed snout, as well as its olive-green striated coloration which provides camouflage for predatory lurking in weedy waters. It is mounted on a wooden display base.
Circa 1930
Fish: 26" long, 4" d, 7.75" h; Base: 16" long, 5" d

What's to love: While realistic enough to convey its species, this fish also has a stylized folk art spirit.


birch bark container

Tall Birch Bark Basket
This uncommonly large Native American-made birch bark container is decorated all around with lively etched floral and foliate designs. It has a rawhide carrying strap which can be placed inside or outside the basket. The basket is missing some lashing around the rim and has a small indent near the bottom front, but overall it is in sturdy condition with prominent light/dark contrast in the decoration.
Circa 1940
13.25" w, 9" d, 23" h

What's to love: How the two lashed front tucks help to create the basket's graceful oblong shape.


bird carvings

Folk Art Bird Carvings
A carved woodpecker and a thrush-like songbird populate a natural branch that mimics a tree trunk. The artist mounted the branch in a rectangular base painted in the birds' blue and green color schemes to complete the sculpture.
Circa 1920
9" x 3.5" base, 18" h

What's to love:
The whimsical nature of the paint decoration.


beaver table lamp

Beaver Table Lamp
A beaver holding a forked branch in its mouth stands proudly above a chewed stump of its own making. A carved tree trunk supports the light socket and handmade wood-slat shade. It is signed by the folk carver Clement Dubé who lived in Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Quebec.
Dated 1942
12" diameter shade, 19.5" h

What's to love: The cross-hatching on the carved tail conveys the texture of a real beaver's scale-covered tail.


owl bell

Owl Dinner Bell
This Arts & Crafts hammered iron bell is topped with an owl-shaped handle. The incised owl has brass accents on its beak and eyes. Made in Germany by the metal fabricator Goberg.
Circa 1900
3.25" w, 2" d, 7.5" h

What's to love: The aged oxidized iron finish gives the bell a warm, coppery patina.


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