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old hickory twin beds

Pair of Old Hickory Twin Beds
These matching beds have multi-spindled hickory headboards, footboards, and side rails. They are in great, sturdy condition, with replacement bolts securing the side rails to the two ends. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1925
Each: 81" long, 43" d, 56" h

What's to love: The height of the headboards and footboards pack a lot of visual rustic punch.


ax handle trade sign

Huge Axe Handle Trade Sign
This super-size scale model of an axe handle is professionally shaped with an angled handle tip and a flattened axe-head end. It is made of basswood and has a warm patina. This comes with a period photo from the axe handle factory (near Wabash, Indiana) whose wares it represented.
Circa 1880
74" tall

What's to love: Scale models, smaller or larger than the life-size object they represent, are a popular genre of folk art.


painted fungus

Painted fungus

Fungus Art
Each of these shelf fungi is artfully decorated. The larger one is painted with a landscape scene in which two birds fly over a belfry and a stag stands alert on the front protrusion. The smaller shelf fungus has a charming incised portrait of a tortoise strolling through ground-level blooms.
Landscape, circa 1920: 9" w, 5.5" h SOLD
Tortoise, circa 1950: 6.75" w, 3.75" h - $65

What's to love: The skillful execution of the artwork distinguishes these from their more common campcraft counterparts.

hitching post

Figural Faux Bois Hitching Post
The quality casting of this heavy cast iron hitching post is shaped as a tree trunk with textured bark and multiple branch knobs. While the more common form of hitching posts have a horse head finial, this one is topped with a bird on a branch and is crowned with three interlocking rings. The bird retains its red paint surface which stands out against a field of iron like a cardinal on a branch in a winter shrub.
Circa 1890
6.5" w, 6" d, 37" h

What's to love: Its small footprint yet stately height make this an ideal sculptural accent for the indoors as well as for the porch or garden.


campfire hooked rug

Fabulous Figural Hooked Rug

This rug celebrates wilderness camping competence in the form of a young woman watching over an expertly constructed cooking fire. She is dressed in the uniform of a Camp Fire Girl, an organization that began in 1912 as a movement to make available to girls the same types of outdoor activities that were being offered to Boy Scouts (it is now a co-ed organization called simply Camp Fire). The rug is in excellent condition overall, with some patches of age discoloration in the beige background border. The symbols decorating the sides and bottom are various Camp Fire emblems which participants earned in pursuits such as campcraft, water sports, and high adventure. Their geometric iconography resembles Native American designs, reflecting the Native lore and ceremony permeating the Camp Fire traditions that were influenced in part by Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939), a Dakota Sioux and Dartmouth-educated physician who advised the organization's founders. The rug is initialed and dated by its maker on the front, and her name and address are written on the back. It has been professionally mounted on a wooden frame.
Dated 1939
36" w, 51" h

What's to love
: The incredible painterly detail of the design and its expert execution make this among the best examples of hooked rug art that we've owned.


old hickory rocking chair

Old Hickory Tall-Back Rocking Chair

A large rocking chair with a hickory pole frame and its original rattan cane herringbone weave. The back has an extended woven top panel and the sides and back have spindled panels. This is an early and uncommon form of hickory furniture with a striking presence, branded Old Hickory Chair Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1915
27.5" w, 34" d, 44" h

What's to love
: The designs of earlier Old Hickory Furniture pieces are true rustic classics.


floral andirons

Exuberant Floral Andirons
These sculptural andirons are hand-made of wrought iron in a floral and foliate design. The flowers have dimensional shape and retain traces of gold highlights. The leaves and scrolled bases have incised detailing. One back dog support has been replaced by a skilled blacksmith (who was duly impressed with the skill and artistry of the metalworker who created these - and so are we!).
Circa 1890
18" w, 26" d, 26" h

What's to love: The spiral tendrils energize these to a level approaching live floral bouquets.


moose lamp

Carved Moose Table Lamp
This large, hand-carved table lamp features a bull moose standing in front of a tree trunk. The tree's canopy is a handmade wood slat shade. The lamp holds one light bulb, and has been newly rewired.
Circa 1940
19" diameter shade, 31" h

What's to love: This is an appealing animal sculpture whose practical function is a bonus.


old hickory arm chair

Old Hickory Arm Chair
A very attractive arm chair with a hickory pole frame, spindled arm, back and bottom panels, and its original woven rattan cane seat and back. The extended back spindles are an unusual design detail. Branded Old Hickory, Martinsville, Indiana.
28" w, 26" d, 31" w

Circa 1930

What's to love: The deep seat and rounded back make this an extremely comfortable chair to nestle into.


battenkill tackle sign

Fly Fishing Shop Sign
This two-sided solid wood sign has a white background with painted black edging and hand lettering. Both sides have a desirable chalky paint surface, with one side more weathered than the other. The shop was located in Vermont near a river that is still renowned among anglers - the Battenkill.
21.25" w, .75" d, 10" h
Circa 1930

What's to love: Its black-and-white graphic spareness.


large canoe paddle

Monumental Painted Canoe Paddle
This style of oversized canoe paddle was modeled after Penobscot Indian canoe paddles and made for use by loggers who maneuvered flat-bottomed batteaux during log drives, often by standing in the bow and stern. It retains its old evergreen and cranberry colorblock paint.
7.75" w, 86" h
Circa 1890

What's to love: Imagining the (often life-or-death) paddling prowess of the loggers who used this style of paddle (click the thumbnail to see a photo from Maine history archives).


rustic corner shelf

Rustic Corner Shelf
This truly original rustic design has four lower shelves plus a top shelf with two mirrored backboards. Twigs are arranged in a semi-circular pattern of rays along the top edge, and each scalloped shelf front is also trimmed in twigs. The multi-piece twig legs and the extra trim around them at the intersections of each shelf and around the feet resemble firewood bundles. Both the flat and diagonal-cut twigs are dabbed with white paint to accentuate the layered design. The shelf is signed and dated 1894 on the back, along with a maker's note (in French) that he made this when he was 66 years old. Montreal origin.
21" w, 16" d, 64.5" h
Each shelf ~ 16" max width, 11.5" max depth

What's to love: The multiple clever arrangements of the twigs.

creels sign

Sporting Goods Store Sign
A simple thick plywood backboard has applied three-dimensional red letters advertising creels for sale. This makes an attractive background feature in a display of creels, pack baskets, and other vintage sporting goods collections.
48" w, 1.5" d, 10" h
Circa 1960

What's to love: It has crisp graphic style with a woodsy vibe.


beaver carving

Beaver Carving
A rotund beaver sits atop a log of its own making, evidenced by the pointy chewed ends. The beaver and log have incised detailing, and the tail is cross hatched.
13.25" w, 2" d, 4" h

What's to love: The beaver is smiling.


lamp with owl shade

Pierced Owl Shade Ambience Lamp
This small lamp has a square pierced brass shade with an embossed single owl on two sides and a pair of owls on two sides. The base and handle are also brass. It holds a small low-wattage bulb.
5.25" square base, 14" h

What's to love: The owls show up well whether the lamp is on or off.


birch bark frame

Twig Trimmed Birch Bark Frame
This applied birch bark over wood frame is fancier than most sweet grass edged versions with the addition of a twig border and an internal square twig grid. It holds an old (removable) photo postcard and is stamped on the back by its Petosky, Michigan maker whose business appears in an 1897 Michigan business directory.
Circa 1900
9" w, 7" h

What's to love: The timeless appeal of aged birch bark.


owl place card holder

Sterling Owl Place Card Holder
This tiny sterling silver owl with feather detailing and amber glass eyes is backed with a clip made to hold a place card. It was created and stamped by silversmiths Sampson Mordan & Co. of London. Use it to post important reminders on your desk or breakfast table.
Circa 1910
1.25" diameter base, 1.4" h

What's to love: This owl makes a solemn if slightly mischievous looking bearer of written words.


old hickory mallet

Old Hickory Advertising Mallet
The Old Hickory Furniture Company of Martinsville, Indiana made this advertising whimsy just after renaming the company (originally Old Hickory Chair Company). It is made entirely of hickory and retains its red Andrew Jackson decal.
Circa 1925
8.25" long, 3" d, 1.25" h

What's to love: It is an uncommon Old Hickory collectible that even space-challenged hickory furniture aficionados would have room to display.


pair of model oars

Pair of Model Oars
These scale-model oars are delicately shaped in the manor of high-quality, craftsman-made, full-size oars.
Circa 1920
13" long

What's to love: They are decoratively versatile - placed in a model boat, hung beside a rowing photo, or displayed with other nautical collectibles.


rustic candle holders

Pair of Rustic Candle Holders
These wooden, tankard-shaped candle holders were turned to leave the bark part on and part peeled, while their bases and handles are intact natural twigs.
Circa 1940
5" square base, 10" h

What's to love: Their über-rustic look.

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