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old hickory settee

Old Hickory Russel Wright Settee
The American industrial designer Russel Wright designed furniture for Old Hickory during a brief period in the 1940s. This settee reflects his modernist sensibility, yet is rendered in Old Hickory's traditional materials -- bark-on hickory poles and rattan cane. The deep seat slopes slightly backward, making the settee quite comfortable. This is a rare form in great condition.
54" w, 27" d, 29.5" h
Circa 1942

What's to love: Its unique marriage of mid-century modern and rustic aesthetics.

Penobscot club

Penobscot Club
Native American craftsmen within the Penobscot tribe traditionally made ceremonial clubs from white birch root burls to carry in dances and religious ceremonies. In this example, the artist left the bark on the root nodule, creating an appealing contrast with the lighter root tips. The dark-stained portion of the shaft has fine chip-carved floral and foliate decoration.
Circa 1900
25" h

What's to love: The wild root mass forming the head of the club conveys an energy that shows why the Penobscots referred to these as root spirit clubs.


old town canoe catalogs

Original Old Town Canoe Catalogs
These sixteen original Old Town Canoe Company catalogs date from 1934-1968. Each contains detailed descriptions of their various canoe and boat models, customized options, and related equipment. These catalogs were sent to retail customers who could then order a boat to be shipped directly from Old Town, Maine, or place an order through a local sporting goods dealer.

What's to love:
The colorful, graphic cover art shows people dressed in the sporting attire of each era - they would look great framed on the wall of a lakeside camp.

(Price per catalog ranges from $50-$100 depending on year and rarity - please contact us for details.)

Cree canoe paddle

Cree Canoe Paddle
This diminutive cedar paddle is handmade in the traditional shape of native Cree paddles, with a small oval grip, an oval upper shaft, and an elongated lozenge-shaped blade. The natural wood's grain on one side of the blade has an attractive wave-like pattern.
Circa 1890
5" w, 62.5 h

What's to love: This is the real thing, likely made by a Cree paddler for his own use on northern waterways.


tennis match holders

Tennis Match Holders
These four ceramic match holders depict tennis scenes. Three are decorated with paintings of tennis players with a net and flying ball on the reverse, and one depicts crossed rackets with four tennis balls. The three depicting tennis players are made and stamped on the bottom by Taylor & Tunnicliffe Co. Staffordshire, and the crossed rackets one is stamped S & G Ltd. All have an age-crazed surface; small chip on bottom of the one depicting a female player.
Circa 1895
Pair male & female players: 12.75" diameter, 2.37" h
Large male player: 3.5" diameter, 2.75" h
Large crossed rackets: 3.5" diameter, 2.75" h

What's to love: Their smooth texture, warm colors, round shape and weighty heft makes them as compelling to hold as to look at.

robin bookedn

Bradley & Hubbard Robin Bookend
This cast iron bookend accurately depicts a robin, whose name appears on a brass nameplate. The quality of the bookend is evident in the fine casting and detailed paint decoration. The cast iron has solidity and heft, yet the scalloped top and base prevent the bookend from appearing chunky. It is marked on the back with the round "B&H" logo.
Circa 1920
Each: 5" w, 2.75" d, 5.75" h

What's to love: A single decorative bookend works extremely well as an outward-facing brace between two rows of books (see photos).


beacon pillows

Beacon pillows

Beacon Blanket Pillows
These pillows are made from two vintage cotton Beacon blankets with similar blue/red/green colorways. The larger make good sofa end pillows, and the two boudoir size are good for the center of a sofa or bed. Each has a new Belgian linen backing, invisible zipper, and down/feather insert.
Circa 1935
Upper pair: 20" square
Lower pair: 16" w, 12" h

What's to love: The vibrant colors and patterns are derived from Navajo textile designs.


antler candle holders

Antler Candle Holders
Each candle holder has two joined pieces: the round base of an antler which is drilled to hold tapers, and a branching mid-section of an antler. They have a simple, rustic elegance.
Circa 1930
5" w, 6" d, 3" h

What's to love: The warm patina of aged antler.


burl frame

Burl Frame
The surface of this extremely well-crafted frame is covered with sections of applied burls. The interior and exterior edges of the frame are walnut.
Circa 1900
8.5" w, 11.5" h (rabbet: 5.75" w, 8.75" h)

What's to love: The hedgehog-like texture of the burls.


Adirondack stand

Adirondack Yellow Birch Stand
This table has a classic design comprising a yellow birch base with two layers of stretchers and a birch top. Luminous yellow birch has always been a material favored by furniture craftsmen in the Adirondacks where it grows in the native deciduous forests.
Circa 1920
12” w, 12.5” d, 19” h

What's to love: The designer Bunny Williams once declared that this size of chairside drink table is one of the most useful living room furnishings to own in multiples - we agree.


rustic frames

Two Faux Bois Frames
Each of these wooden frames has a composition surface that is formed to look like natural branches. The larger frame has a furrowed bark-like texture with prominent faux branch knots, and a gilt surface. The dark frame has bark-like ridges superimposed with impressions of vines, leaves, and wood knots. Each is ready to hold a mirror or art.
Circa 1900
Gilt frame: 24" w, 31" h (rabbet: 21 1/8th w, 28 1/16th h)
Dark frame: 18 1/8th, 24 1/4" h (rabbet: 16" w, 22.25" h)

What's to love: Faux bois = refined rustic.


old hickory woven bench

Old Hickory Woven Bench

The base of this bench has splayed legs, two layers of stretchers, and arched corner brackets. The top retains its original rattan cane in open weave. This is an uncommon and versatile form. Made and stamped by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
45" w, 19" d, 17.5" h

What's to love: This makes a great hallway or end-of-bed bench, or functions well as a coffee table with trays to hold drinks.


fish match holder

Fish Match Safe
This wooden fish silhouette is hand painted in greens and reds, and hangs from its original chain. Its belly holds a match storage container, above which is a metal match strike. The tail says "Souvenir Kingston."
Circa 1920

What's to love: It makes an appealing, an useful, cabin accessory.


fish thermometer

Fish Thermometer
A copper-color metal bass holds a working thermometer in its belly. It is inscribed: "We Landed Some Big Ones in" followed by a plate that says "Stamford, Conn."
Circa 1940
3" w, 6.75" h

What's to love: It's a fun, retro souvenir.

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