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February 2020

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hickory bed

hickory bed


Two Rustic Hickory Beds

These two full beds feature hickory pole headboards, footboards and side rails. The top of each corner post is shaped as a finial. These came from a cottage in the Adirondacks where they had been in place since the cottage was built, and are in excellent condition. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, La Porte, Indiana.
Circa 1925
Each: 58" w, 84" d, 60" h

What's to love: Two full beds are an interesting and more comfortable alternative to a pair of twin beds in a guest or kids' room.


old hickory sofa

Old Hickory Drop-arm Sofa
This two-seat sofa has a hickory pole frame with wide paddle arms, one of which can drop down if desired. It retains its original rattan cane weave on the seat and back, all in excellent condition. Branded Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
62" w, 26" d, 33"

What's to love: It is compact enough to fit in tight spaces such as on a porch, yet it's very comfortable.


loggers painting

Riverjacks Painting
This oil on artist's board captures a dangerously precarious aspect of log drives when nimble "riverjacks" (men who worked log drives) had to balance on logs in moving water to break up a jam using tools such as the peaveys shown here. The painting is titled on the back "Logging on river" and signed by the artist, Erva Grindle.
Circa 1960
19" w, 15" h

What's to love: The painting's crispness that is due both to its graphic style and color contrasts.


brook trout plaque

Carved Brook Trout
This exceptionally well carved and painted brook trout with a glass eye is mounted to an oval wooden backboard. It captures the camo-like coloration of the fish's back as well as its beautifully speckled underbelly and salmon-colored fins.
Circa 1950
14.75" w, 7.25" h

What's to love: Wooden versions of fish mounts paradoxically stay looking more like a live fish just pulled from the water than fish taxidermy.


squirrel lithgraph

Squirrel Lithograph on Tin
This handsome gray squirrel holding two peanuts was the logo for the "Squirrel Brand" peanut company, which gave away these tin lithograph silhouettes in advertising campaigns. It has been framed against a pine board in an early gilt-lined walnut frame.
Circa 1930
14.5" w, 16.5" h

What's to love: The squirrel's sideways glance seems to be conveying "These peanuts are MINE!"


pyrography frame

Painted Pyrography Picture Frame
This wood front of this triple-hole frame is decoratively wood-burned with pansies and leaves which are painted in appropriate pastel colors. The original old hanging chain makes an interesting change-up to how most of us display frames in our homes. The mat board backing can be easily removed to insert your own photographs.
Circa 1900
18" w, 10.25" h

What's to love: The oval openings perfectly complement the graceful floral decoration.


stacking blocks

Colorful Stacking Blocks
These well-made wooden blocks nest inside one another for storage, or more interestingly, stack into a tower for a punch-of-color display (e.g., we have a similar set on a mantle where they complement other original-paint antique accessories). They show the edge wear of well-loved toys, but are still in great shape overall and retain their vibrant paint surface.
Circa 1940
5.25 square, 5.25" high nest, 27" h tower

What's to love: The ROY G. BIV rainbow color spectrum of the blocks from largest to smallest.



antler wall rack

Black Forest Coat Rack
The wooden frame and flourishes of this wall rack are carved to look like bark-textured branches. Three carved oak leaves with acorns decorate the back center of the rack, and five antler prongs form hooks for hats, coats or bathrobes.
Circa 1900
35" w, 5.5" d, 10.5" h

What's to love: It has the decorative appeal of both "bois" and "faux-bois."


the pines sign

Cottage Sign
A thick pine board is painted green with white edging and hand lettering to display the name of a cottage called The Pines. It is double-sided, and the paint is in good condition on both the front and back.
Circa 1930
24.25" w, 11.5" h

What's to love: Just thinking about all of the lovely rustic cottages nestled into conifer woods that could be fittingly named "The Pines."


hickory foostool

Indiana Hickory Footstool
A simple hickory pole frame and a rewoven herringbone fiber splint top comprise this useful hickory accessory. Attributed to Indiana Willow Products Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1940
16" w, 12" d, 12" h

What's to love: These come in handy around the house for propping up feet or holding reading material.


corn painting

Corn Still Life
Late-19th century century corn paintings are a still life genre that celebrates agrarian life, and this is a particularly nice example. A splint basket is brimming over with ears of corn set against a wood paneled wall. This oil on canvas is housed in its original frame and is signed by the artist, M. E. Lowe.
Dated 1887

33.5" w, 23.5" h

What's to love: The thick impasto paint layers give the corn and its dried leaves a realistic texture.


water ski disk

Vintage Watersport Disk
Before wakeboarding was invented, watersports pioneers experimented with objects other than waterskis to ride behind a boat, such as large wooden disks. (See additional images for a vintage advertising photo of a woman "disking" behind a boat.) This uncommon piece of vintage wooden sports equipment (found in a Michigan lakes area) is a bowed saucer shape, and painted in a lively orange and black swirl pattern. There is a keel on the back fitted with a hook so that this can be hung as a wall display in a lakeside home or boat house -- or as mid-century modern art in a contemporary living room.
Circa 1950-60
42" diameter

What's to love: That the wonderful crackelure paint surface looks in places just like the skin of an orange.


old Hickory table

Early Old Hickory Lamp Table

The hickory pole frame of this three-legged table has two layers of stretchers and three arches. The oak top has four expansion grooves so that it will fare well in both humid and dry conditions. One leg has an early brand that says "Old Hickory Furn Co. Martinsville Ind." and the underside retains its original delivery label with an Andrew Jackson logo.
Circa 1920
36" diameter, 30" h

What's to love: It has such classic, early-era rustic furniture appeal.


hickory stool

Rustic Hickory Bench
This sturdy, chair seat-height bench has a hickory pole frame with two handles for easily moving it around where needed in a room. The top has been newly rewoven with fiber splint in a herringbone pattern. Made by Rustic Hickory Furniture Company, La Porte, Indiana.
Circa 1920
22.5" w, 15.5" d, 17" h

What's to love: It makes a handy place to sit to tie shoes, or it can be used as a footstool or side table.


owl letter holder

owl letter holder

Owl Letter Holders
These iron letter holders have a mellow brass finish and feature an owl standing among pine sprigs and cones. They can be used as letter organizers on a desk, or on a dining table as napkin holders. They are high-quality, detailed castings that were made by H. L. Judd Company of Brooklyn, NY.
Circa 1910
Each: 7.5" w, 3" d, 5" h

What's to love: They will surround your unpaid bills in beauty, which might make it a little easier to tackle monthly accounting chores.


papoose pond camping sign

Camping Sign
This single-sided sign once directed people to a lakeside camping area in western Maine. It is painted white with black lettering and arrow definition.
Circa 1950
48" w, 12" h

What's to love: The alliterative resonance of Papoose Pond.


pine cone wasebasket

Pine Cone & Tassel Wastebasket
Each of the four panels of this handmade wooden wastebasket features a painting of a pine branch with tassels and cones. It is initialed by the painter in a lower corner of one panel. The basket has some chips and edge dings from use, but each panel painting is fully intact. This functional piece of artwork imbues a home office with an appealing reminder of nature.
Circa 1920
13.25" square, 19" h

What's to love: That the artist went to the trouble to decorate (with combed grain painting) even the inside of the panels.

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