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rustic chair

Masterful Adirondack Armchair

This is one of the best rustic armchairs we've owned, and probably the only one comfortable and commodious enough to tempt a tall man to sit for a spell. The arms are continuous branches that bend to form the chair's front legs. The back legs are likewise tall, continuous branches that extend to form the back frame of the chair - only the tip of the curved back is spliced in to join the two sides. Sinuous branches embellish the peak and form the four bottom stretchers. The old, dark surface has an excellent patina and the chair retains its original casters. The upholstery over the spring cushion and padded back is emerald green corduroy, with some wear. Adirondack origin. Ex personal collection of Ralph Kylloe; pictured in the context of his home's rustic decor on page 44 of his 1998 book "Rustic Style."
Circa 1890
28" w, 29" d, 60" h

What's to love: How a rustic craftsman designed and constructed such a sculptural chair using a minimal number of shapely branches.


fish stringer

Carved Stringer of Fish
Three carved and painted fish, mimicking a stringer of fresh catch, are mounted on a shaped oval backboard. The fish and backboard both have a great old surface patina. Carved and signed by William C. Wiltshire of Pembroke, Massachusetts, a woodworker born in 1873 who made artificial limbs as well as fish decoys.
Circa 1920
11.25" w, 22" h

What's to love: The fish folk have a folk art quality similar to stylized bird decoy carvings.


cabin painting

Cabin on a Lake Painting
This oil on canvas portrays a log cabin nestled in the woods with a lake just beyond. Its awesome original gilt frame has acorns and oak leaves all around. It is titled and initialed on the back stretcher - the exact lettering is hard to make out, although the artist’s initials look like H.W.S.
Circa 1880
20.25" w, 17.5" h

What's to love: The artist's use of grayish lavender hues to depict evening shadows.


bar stsools

Rustic Barstools

These three sturdy barstools have sassafras bases with double layers of crossed branches on all sides, and a natural branch footrest. Two have red painted seats.
Circa 1940
20" w, 16" d, 31.5" h

What's to love
: Sassafras bark has a lot of textural character.


bar cart

Folding Bar Cart
An ultra-cool, smooth-rolling cart with oak shelves, an iron handle, and a collapsible metal frame. The large, rubber-rimmed front wheels and back casters make the cart easy to move around. It folds compactly for storage (but who would ever want to hide it away?).
Circa 1910
29.25" w, 20" d, 31" h

What's to love: It is as useful in an office or studio as it is in a party room.


Audubon Chipmunks

Audubon "Chipping Squirrels" Lithograph
This is an original, large Audubon Imperial Folio edition hand-colored lithograph of chipmunks, which in Audubon's time were called "chipping squirrels." It is Plate VIII The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, printed in Philadelphia by J.T. Bowen. There is some light foxing on the print. Housed behind glass in a quality contemporary frame.
Circa 1840
23" w, 29" h

What's to love: It is nice to be reminded of cute chipmunks that are ubiquitous in woodsy settings, as long as they are solely on paper when indoors.


mosaic twig footstool

Mosaic Rod Footstool
This sturdy little footstool has a chevron mosaic design on each side created with sassafras branch rods applied to a hardwood case. The padded top has a simple linen covering.
Circa 1920
13.5" w, 10.5" d, 10.5" w

What's to love: The vine-encircled feet enhance the straight-from-nature essence of this piece.


Penobscot paddle

Model Penobscot Canoe Paddle
This diminutive Native American canoe paddle has the long, flat handle, center ridge, and teardrop-shaped blade that are characteristic of Penobscot designs. There is a faintly sketched moose inked on one side of the blade, along with the name of the paddle's maker or owner.
Circa 1920
3.75" w, 37.5" h

What's to love: This was perhaps made as a gift from a guide to a sportsman as a souvenir of a canoe trip that included a moose sighting.


keg stool

Old Hickory Keg Stool
This is an early stool made by Old Hickory. The body is formed from a barrel that Old Hickory workers covered with hickory strips and banding hoops. The top is Naugahyde upholstery (some edge cracks). There is a unique Old Hickory Martinsville, Ind cloth label on the bottom of the keg referencing upholstery laws. Ex personal collection of Ralph Kylloe.
Circa 1930
15.5" diameter, 21" h

What's to love: It makes a comfortable perch to pull out when extra seating is needed, or is otherwise a convenient side table.


bird lamps

Pair of Carved Bird Lamps

These unique lamps feature carved and painted birds in glass bubbles at their center - one contains an American Goldfinch and a Common Yellowthroat, and the other has a male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The lamp bases are made of contrasting color woods (including maple, ash and cherry) that were pieced together then turned. The ecru linen shades are new replacements.
Circa 1950
10" diameter shades, 19.5" h

What's to love
: The detailed bird vignettes include branches and flowers.


bait sign

Fishing Bait & Guide Service Trade Sign
This artistically lettered and decorated trade sign is double-sided and housed in a deep, molded frame. A large rainbow trout about to devour insect larvae (probably hellgrammites) is suggestively placed next to the words "Guide Service." The sign's surface is lightly crazed, but has stood up well to weathering with no significant paint loss. Authentic vintage trade signs with this much visual appeal are hard to come by.
Circa 1950-60
38.25" w, 3" d, 29.5" h

What's to love: This is an all-in-one trade sign, landscape painting, and fish portrait.


bass plaque

Pyrography Bass Plaque
This large portrait of a smallmouth bass was created by wood-burning a shaped poplar plaque. Pyrography works well for delineating fish scales and fins. (See our recent journal article for more background on pyrography as an artistic technique.)
Circa 1940
30" w, 15.25" h

What's to love
: The grain of the clear-finish board lends a wavy, underwater effect to the portrait.


magazine holder

Twig Lattice Magazine Holder
This large magazine holder has geometric side panels constructed of sassafras branches, and sassafras half-rounds trim the base. It is a useful rustic accessory with a presence that is not likely to be overlooked. Ex personal collection of Ralph Kylloe.
Circa 1930
22" w, 12" d, 20" h

What's to love: Its lattice work is reminiscent of classic rustic porch railings.



Cast Iron Bookends
Heavy, quality castings of a Native American brave with a single feather headdress form the face of these cast iron bookends. Their original paint is in excellent condition.
Circa 1928
Each: 4" w, 2" d, 6" w

What's to love: The crisp design is graphically striking.

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