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old hickory console

Old Hickory Console
This narrow table is a fabulous early design with x-stretchers on the base and arched supports on the front, back, and sides. The three-board oak top has two centered expansion grooves.
Circa 1925
72" w, 24" d, 30" h

What's to love: This is one of the few Old Hickory designs narrow enough to serve as a hallway console or sofa table.


old hhickory chaise

Old Hickory Chaise Lounge
This is an extremely sturdy lounge in excellent condition, and it retains its original cushion. It is constructed of hickory poles, with areas of hickory bark wrap accents along the sides. The oak back wheels make it easy to move. The back adjusts into four positions, from considerably reclined to almost upright.
Circa 1950
30" w, 83" d, 32" h

What's to love: The faded salmon hue of the cushion against the golden sheen of the hickory.


birch bark box

Birch Bark Paneled Box
A large wooden keepsake box that has four panels of birch bark inset on the top, and two panels on each of the four sides. The interior is painted red and has a chain to keep the hinged top open.
Circa 1920
13.75" w, 10.25" d, 5" h

What's to love: Imagining the box filled with pine cones, feathers, acorns, dried flowers, spices, and other natural treasures.


rustic chair

Rustic Twig Chair
This chair is a classic form of unique rustic furniture. The frame of the chair is natural branches and the latticework back, sides and base are formed with interlaced twigs. The branch ends and knots are accented with dark red paint.
Circa 1880
25" w, 26" d, 46" h

What's to love: No rustic furniture collection is complete without a piece representing this quintessential rustic genre.


rustic chair

Unique Rustic Chair

This simple rustic chair has a spindled back, branch base, and a wide, seven-board seat with a great old alligatored finish. The seat height is a standard 16.5" so this chair is perfectly functional at a desk or table.
19.5" w, 19.5" d, 29" h

What's to love: It was probably made on site for everyday use at a rustic cabin, yet it is well designed and assembled.


wooden candle holder

Arts & Crafts Candle Holder

This quarter-sawn white oak candlestick embodies the simplicity of the Arts & Crafts aesthetic, comprising just three circles and a cylinder. The handle is fastened in two places with hand-carved pegs.
Circa 1910
11" w, 9" d, 12" h

What's to love: Its large scale is unusual and eye-catching.


Camp letter holder

Camp Letter Box
Gather the family's outgoing mail in this quaint wooden hanging letter box. It has incised decoration with painted accents.
9.25" w, 2" d, 11.5" h

What's to love
: The incised edge treatment imitates lashing around a birch bark wall pocket.


bear carving

Bear Carving

This carving has the realistic hunched posture, drooping neck fur, and sloping hind end of a Black Bear. Carved striations represent fine body hair, with the smooth nose representing the bear's trianglular patch of lighter facial hair. It is signed by the carver V. Nieminen.
Circa 1920
8" w, 4" d, 6" h

What's to love: In the hand, this has an appealing heft and patinated surface.


habitant shelves

Habitant Standing Shelves

This four-shelf unit was made by Habitant Furniture of Bay City, Michigan (see photos for the original catalog page where it was called the "Oscoda Standing Shelves"). Habitant crafted furniture from white cedar harvested in northern Michigan, and produced designs that echoed the substantial, utilitarian furniture made by the region's early American homesteaders.
Circa 1930
25" w, 17.5" d, 50" h

What's to love: As the original Habitant catalog said of these shelves: "Anywhere you put them, they'll always come in handy whether it's bedroom, living room, den or porch."


Cast Iron Stand

Painted Cast Iron Stand

A Victorian-era side table or plant stand with gracefully bowed sides. The center of the top is removable, perhaps for insetting a flower pot.
Circa 1890
13.5" diameter, 23" h

What's to love
: Red, blue, yellow, and green painted accents highlight the cast foliar designs.


model furniture

Model Rustic Furniture

These two chairs and octagonal-top table are fashioned from sassafras in a Southern rustic furniture style. They were made either as toys or salesman's samples.
Circa 1910
Chairs: 4.25" w, 3.75" d, 6.5" h
Table: 7" w, 7" d, 5" h

What's to love: Models are a good way to enhance a room's rustic decor once you're out of floor space for full-sized furniture.


squirrel nutcracker

Squirrel Nutcracker Bowl
A detailed cast iron nutcracker in the shape of a squirrel is mounted on the edge of a wooden nut bowl. The nutcracker is strong with plenty of leverage for cracking the toughest nuts.
Circa 1920
8.5" diameter, 7.5" h

What's to love: How it blends ornament with function.


hoof candles

Deer Hoof Candle Holders
These graceful, well-crafted candle sticks feature natural deer hoofs fitted with bronze or brass candle holders and scrolled base supports. One is inscribed "My first stag. Rannoch. August 22, 1924 P.N.G."
4" w, 6.5" d, 12.5" h

What's to love: The elegance of this form of an early twentieth-century hunting trophy.


folk art owl

Folk Art Owl

A piece of sheet metal was cut and painted to evoke the presence of an owl. It may have been made purely for decorative use, or perhaps it had a decoy function, such as to deter avian berry-crop marauders.
Circa 1920
8" w, 5" d, 12.5" h

What's to love: Despite its simple form it has lots of personality.


weired wood mug

Decorated "Weird Wood" Mug
This turned wooden mug with a twig handle has partially intact bark, a key characteristic of weird wood. It is decorated with a hand-painted blossom and was a souvenir from New York's Catskill Mountain region.
Circa 1930
4.5" w. 3.75" d, 6" h

What's to love: Weird wood pieces are fun rustic accessories that look especially attractive displayed in groupings of similar or diverse forms.

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