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JULY 2017

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fish painting

Fish Painting
A folk art oil on canvas rendering of two salmonids foraging in the depths of a lake. It is titled "Dinners" in the lower right, where it is also dated 1944 and signed by the artist Geo. A. Tirell.
33.5" w, 22" h

What's to love: The comedic juxtaposition of the prominent yellow lures with the real fish dinner that the larger fish is eagerly approaching.


old hickory fuurniture set

Old Hickory Furniture Set

Upholstered Old Hickory furniture is less common than woven varieties, and is especially desirable for comfortable indoor seating. Both the two-seat sofa and the large club chair have classic hooped arm supports, and arches in the front aprons. The cushions are fairly recent replacements, as is the fabric.
Circa 1940
Chair: 28" w, 36" d, 33.5: h
Sofa: 52" w, 36" d, 33.5: h

What's to love: Having the matching armchair to accompany the sofa.


rustic desk

Rustic Desk

The legs and shelves of this desk are yellow birch poles, and its apron is clad all around with white birch bark that is trimmed with twigs. The pine board top provides plenty of writing surface or space for a computer, and there is ample room in the opening for a desk chair.
Circa 1900
51" w, 24.5" d, 30" h

What's to love: The handy side shelves are both attractive and functional.


slab magazine holder

Rustic Magazine Holder

Peeled pine slabs form the sides and ends of this magazine holder, and a naturally arched branch serves as a handle.
Circa 1920
19" w, 12" d, 21" h

What's to love: It looks hefty, but is actually light to move around.


bottle lamp

"Impossible Bottle" Lamp
The bottle that forms the base of this lamp is a type of craft, like ships in a bottle, known as "impossible bottles" that contain three-dimensional figures that could not have fit through the neck of the bottle. In this case the figures are a hunter and his dog, along with landscape plants.
Circa 1930
8.5" diameter shade, 14" h

What's to love: Contemplating the process of arranging this vignette while working through the small opening of a bottle!



The large cast iron lizard was made as a promotional advertising piece and is incised "Sherwin WIlliams Co Paint Varnish" on the underside. It retains vestiges of a green paint surface. The Art Nouveau brass soap dish has a lizard resting on the rim and is stamped with hallmarks and "Gorham Co." on the bottom.
Circa 1900
Large lizard: 7.75" w, 9" d, 1.5" h - SOLD

Soap dish: 5.5" w, 3.5" w, 1.5" h - $125

What's to love: Two fun, no-worries ways to invite lizards into a home.


Frog Folk Art
A wonderful little painting of a frog on the shoreline of a cattail marsh adorns the inside of a mollusk shell. The clouds streaking across the moon add a touch of drama.
Circa 1910
6.75" w, 7.5" d, 2" thick

What's to love: Frogs often look like they're smiling or at least are happily content, as does this one.


fish spear

Eel Spear

This hand-forged iron eel spear has five prongs and a long handle for ease of use from a boat. While fierce in purpose, the spear is actually quite delicately forged.
Circa 1900
4.5" w, 62" h

What's to love: It makes an appealing display as a sculptural object.


lee fountain chair

Lee Fountain Chair

This yellow birch chair is a signature style made by one of the original, well-known Adirondack rustic craftsmen, Lee Fountain of Wells, NY. It has flared front posts and a woven ash splint seat, back, and arm panels. Some of the splint is broken around the front and a side rail, but it is stable for sitting, with or without a chair pad. Ex personal collection of Bert Savage.
Circa 1920
28" w, 33" d, 36" h

What's to love: Lee Fountain's masterful use of gleaming yellow birch in his furniture designs.


cast iron frog

Cast Iron Frog
This cast iron frog, poised to leap, is useful as a doorstop, paper weight or shelf ornament. One toe is chipped.
Circa 1940
8" w, 8" d", 2" h

What's to love: This is a desirable, large version of the cast iron frog form.


canoe catalogs

Original Old Town Canoe Catalogs

These thirteen original Old Town Canoe Company catalogs date from 1931-1957. Each contains detailed descriptions of their various canoe and boat models, customization options, and related equipment, along with price lists. These catalogs were sent to retail customers who could then order a boat directly to be shipped from Old Town, Maine or place their order through a local sporting goods dealer.

What's to love
: The colorful, graphic cover art show people dressed in the sporting attire of each era.


yellow birch lamp

Yellow Birch Table Lamp

This simple lamp is made from the trunk of a yellow birch sapling with its prop roots intact. It embodies functional rustic simplicity. (An old shade is resting on the bulb for the photo, but it needs a new clip-on shade.)
Circa 1960
10" w, 8" d, 16" h

What's to love: The natural golden sheen of yellow birch.


roycroft bookends

Roycroft Owl Bookends

These Arts & Crafts hammered copper bookends feature an embossed owl's head in the center. The round form echoes the owl's head motif. They are stamped on the back with the Roycroft logo.
Circa 1900
5.5" w, 4.25" d, 4.75" h

What's to love: Their perfect melding of form, material, treatment, and subject matter to convey the Arts & Crafts aesthetic.


canoe pin

Adirondack League Club Lapel Pin
This small enameled sterling silver canoe pin with the Adirondack League Club's initials shows detailed ribs and planks on the interior. It is a very appealing cornflower-blue color, so the pin shows up well on a lapel despite its slender proportions..
Circa 1910
2" long

What's to love
: It is an artifact of the era when exclusive rustic colonies and canoe clubs were being established.


bottled liquor

Wooden Trade Sign
This liquor store sign has a creamy white painted background, and black lettering with grey outlining, professionally done by Skipper’s Signs. It is made from two solid boards and has a molded frame all around. A fun accent for a home bar.
Circa 1940
19.25” w, 48” h

What's to love: Its diagonal lettering and vertical orientation are unusual for vintage trade signs.

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