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JUNE 2017
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rustic bed

Rittenhouse Full Bed

This peeled cedar pole bed has seven spindles on the headboard and footboard, and four along each side rail. It is a sturdy rustic bed made for a double mattress (or try this trick of the trade to use it with a queen mattress: purchase a low-profile double box spring and lay the queen mattress on top of it; any slight overage will be imperceptible). Made by Rittenhouse Furniture of Cheboygan, Michigan.
Circa 1940
60" w, 81" d, 38" h

What's to love: Its rustic simplicity.


rattan set

Rattan Dining Set
A high quality, comfortable set of four barrel-back dining chairs and a cafe table that has a smooth, black top. All pieces are in sturdy condition, with a few minor losses of wrap. Made by Emerson Rattan Co. of New York whose motto was "Furniture of the better grade."
Circa 1925
Table: 30" square, 28.5" h
Chairs: 25" w, 24" d, 32" h

What's to love: The elegance of antique rattan, which is still in vogue today.


napkin rings

Set of Basketry Napkin Rings

Braided sweet grass strands are woven around stacked ash splint bands to form each napkin ring. A wide, salmon-colored ash splint forms a central band and decorative bow. Probably Penobscot made.
Circa 1920
2" diameter, 2" h

What's to love: The application of traditional Native American basketry skills and materials to a less common creation.


hickory chairs pair

Pair of Hickory Side Chairs

These sturdy chairs have hickory pole frames, their original rattan cane seats, and recently rewoven rattan cane backs.
18.5" w, 19" d, 36" h

What's to love: It is convenient to have an extra pair of dining chairs to pull up to a table as needed.


fish molds

Decorative Food Molds

These tin fish were made as molds for creating savory aspics or sweet gelatin desserts, and are now used as kitchen decor. The top fish mold can sit unsupported on a shelf, and the bottom one has a hanging ring.
Circa 1930
11"-12" w, 5" d, 2.5" h

What's to love: Fish are a fun decorative theme for lakeside cottages.


rustic motto signs

Rustic Motto Signs

These three souvenir signs are made from wood slabs with bark-on edges. Two say "When in doubt, Mind your own business" (one from Adirondack Mtns., one from Lake Champlain). The third suggests that the reader "Kwit chur beli aken." (from Adirondack Mtns.).
Circa 1930
10"-13.5" w, .5" d, 3.5"-4.5" h

What's to love
: The contrast between the slightly snarky tone of the mottoes and the cuteness of the painted illustrations.

$35/top sign
(bottom 2 signs SOLD)



Billed as "The Most RELIABLE Method of Transporting Minnows Known to Fishermen," this gallon jar comes complete with tubing and directions for hooking it up to " vacuum or electric windshield wipers" to provide steady air circulation that keeps a jar of swimming minnows alive without splashing water all over the car while driving to a fishing destination.
Circa 1950
7" diameter, 13.5" h

What's to love: A quaintly strange apparatus that reflects the ingenuity of passionate fishermen/inventors.


hickory dresser

Indiana Hickory Dresser
A classic three-drawer dresser with hickory pole trim and an oak top and drawer fronts. It is very sturdy and ready to use.
Circa 1940
32" w, 16.5" d, 36.5" h

What's to love: Total functionality combined with good looks is a win-win pairing.


hooked rug

Deer Hooked Rug
This scene depicts a buck and a doe drinking from a lake where a rushing stream tumbles in and plants hug the shoreline. It is in very sturdy condition with no repairs, so is suitable for floor use or framing. From a Maine estate.
Circa 1945
34” w, 24.5” h

What's to love
: The painterly detail executed in wool.



Rustic Cabinet
This knotty cedar cabinet with two drawers and doors has half-round cedar slabs applied to the front and sides. The interior smells sweetly of cedar. The top is partly sun-bleached, but the overall condition is excellent.
Circa 1950
41" w, 16.75" d, 35.5" h

What's to love: It would function well as a server or sideboard, with plenty of room for linens and serving dishes.


bird folk art

Folk Art Birds

These bird silhouettes are cut from wood and painted on each side. Each one has a great old dry, crazed surface. They are on their original posts, now mounted on new wooden bases.
Circa 1940
Gray: 10" w, .375" thick, 10" h (on stand)
White: 6" w, .375" thick, 11" h (on stand)

What's to love
: Sculptural birds brighten up indoor settings almost as effectively as living birds do outdoors.


bear print

Philip R. Goodwin Print

This is an original lithograph of an oil painting titled "Camp Robbers" by the artist Philip R. Goodwin (1882-1935). It features the artist's own beloved Airedale as the savior of the day, scaring off an adult black bear and two cubs. Its antique frame has gesso with traces of paint over wood.
Circa 1930
26.5" w, 19.5" h

What's to love: The depiction of this romanticized adventure was adopted by sporting goods companies as an advertising image, back in the day.


weird wood chandlesticks

Rustic Candlesticks

These three wooden candle holders include a pair of "weird wood" candlesticks and one triple candle holder. "Weird wood" is the term used for a type of woodcraft, sold in many forms as rustic souvenirs, which left the bark partially intact on each finished piece. The triple candle holder is a unique, craftsman-made piece.
Circa 1930
Pair: 5.75" diameter, 10.5" h
Triple: 10.5" w, 5.5" d, 9" h

What's to love: The appeal of pre-loved rustic accents.

Pair - SOLD
Triple - SOLD

rustic stool

Rustic Stool
This stool has a peeled twig base with applied V twigs on the corners. There are touches of red and gold paint decoration on the ends of twigs. The top is new Turkish kilim fabric.
Circa 1930
17" w, 14" d, 21" h

What's to love: The repetitive structural and decorative use of V branch parts shows the creative forethought of the rustic craftsman who made this.



Carved Animal Bookends

These bookends are hand-carved to look like two halves of a tree stump. Each half has a hollow opening at its base, one being contemplated at a distance by a rabbit, and the other being closely investigated by a dog.
Circa 1940
Each: 4.5" w, 5" d, 5" h

What's to love: The story of animal antics that must have been going on in the mind of the carver.


carved horseshoe whimsy

Horseshoe Whimsy

A tree branch grew around a forgotten metal horseshoe, embedding it in the V of the twig. The branch is decoratively carved so that the contrast between the dark outer and lighter inner bark creates a geometric pattern.
Circa 1920
6" w, 22" h

What's to love: Thinking about the long-ago placement of this horseshoe in the tree that eventually claimed it as its own.

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