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November-December 2017

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blowing rock magazine holder

Blowing Rock Rustic Magazine Holder

This substantial magazine holder comprises a tapered case with applied branch half-rounds, a tree-root pedestal, and a flat rectangular base. It was found in North Carolina and is attributed to “The Blowing Rock artist,” Charles Dobbins. See our Journal article ("Blowing Rock Rustic Accessories") for more information and photos of Dobbins’ work, including very similar magazine holders incorporated into his standing lamp sculptures.
Circa 1920
23.5” w, 13” d, 28” h

What's to love: The naturally mottled branches Dobbins favored for half-rounds give his creations a distinctive rustic character.


monogram model canoe paddles

Pair of Monogrammed Model Canoe Paddles
These handmade canoe paddles have interesting shaped grips with a center ridge that also extends from each paddle's neck through the top portion of the blade. The dark surface is accented on one side with ornate gold monograms. New York origin. Ex personal collection of Ralph Kylloe.
Circa 1890
2.75” w, 27.5” h

What's to love: Canoeing must have meant a lot to the owner of these paddles whose initials indicate pride in owning and displaying model versions of full-size paddles.


marquetry stand

Rustic Table Lamp

The body of this peeled pole lamp is a single branch that grew in a shapely configuration, and the base is a rounded edge red cedar plank. There are two ceramic birds attached to the upper portions of the branch, and it has a fine basketry shade.
Circa 1950
19" w, 5.5" d, 20" h

What's to love
: The two birds perched on the natural branch highlight the feeling of bringing nature indoors.


marquetry stand

Marquetry Side Table

This unique, handmade table features alternating light and dark strips of hardwoods arranged in chevron patterns on the top and all four sides, each meeting at a central applied diamond. The legs are gracefully chamfered and tapered.  The whole table has an appealing age-crazed surface.
Circa 1930
17.5” square, 23” h

What's to love
: This is a one-of-a-kind creation by a skilled woodworker with artistic sensibilities.


rustic rocking chair

Mosaic Seat Bentwood Rocking Chair
This is a very comfortable rocking chair with a well-crafted, saddle-shaped mosaic twig seat, curved twig arms, decorative loop accents, and steam-bent back slats. It has an old mahogany color paint surface that will withstand weather on a covered porch.
Circa 1910
21” w, 36” d, 43” h

What's to love: The superb mosaic twigwork of the seat elevates the rustic artistry of this chair beyond the more simple slat-seat versions of bent-twig rockers.


coastal painting

New England Coastal Painting
A well-executed oil on artist’s board depicting fish shacks, stacked lobster traps, and a drying net on a wharf, with blue water and grey rocks in the foreground, white houses hugging the shore in the background, and billowing clouds in a blue sky overhead. It is titled on the back “New England Waterfront by Edna Reichert” and is also signed by the artist in a lower front corner. It is housed in its original molded wooden frame.
Circa 1945
19” w, 23” h

What's to love: The painting is as crisp as an oceanside summer day.


hickory table

Old Hickory Center Table
The hickory base of this early design has a triangle of stretchers beneath the top, spoked stretchers at the bottom, and three decorative arches spanning the legs. The round top is oak. Made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana.
Circa 1920
30” diameter, 29.5” h

What's to love: Rustic hickory style does not get much more classic than this.


tomatoes sign

Tomatoes Trade Sign
This large sign advertising Stony Ridge Tomatoes is hand painted on metal applied over a wooden frame. Its bold, primary colors and graphic design are similar to the vintage paper labels that adorned fruit and produce crates.
Circa 1930
45” w, 25.5” h

What's to love: It has a lot of visual punch to accent the wall of a kitchen, pantry, mudroom, or garden shed to celebrate growing, preserving, and enjoying garden produce.


model guide boat paddle

Model Adirondack Guide Boat Paddle
This model cherry paddle has the classic long, tapered blade shape of full-size guide boat paddles. It also has a decorative, geometrically incised four-sided embellishment on the upper portion of the shaft. One edge of the blade is damaged but all else is in good condition.
Circa 1900
4” w, 41.5” h

What's to love: This is a quality, longer-than-average model paddle so would make a valuable addition to a graduated wall display of multiple miniatures.


old hickory footstool

Old Hickory Footstool
A classic rustic accessory with a dark hickory pole base that has two layers of stretchers, and a woven rattan cane top. It is eminently useful as a footstool, side table, end-of-bed bench, or sitting perch.
Circa 1940
20" w, 15" d, 15" h

What's to love: Having several of these multi-functional footstools carries a rustic theme throughout a house.

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